Day 1: Traveling to Cambodia - Visa Run? Holiday? Or Getting out of my comfort zone?

It's been sixty incredible days back in Chiang Mai and things are going super well.  I'm healthy, happy, building my business, growing my podcast and hanging out with some really amazing people. But I had realized that even though I've been in Thailand off and on for the past 4 years, I've never once been to neighboring Cambodia.

So I booked a flight.

Office of the Day - Siem Reap Hostel

Night 1 - Siem Reap

Got some work done at the airport and caught up with all the podcast episodes I've been missing out on.  Kind of cool listening to Tropical MBA again and heading Dan and Ian talk about people that I now know in person after living in Chiang Mai.

Bought a local sim card with 3.5gb of internet access for only $6!  Changed some Thai baht to USD and totally got ripped off with the exchange rate...should have done it in Thailand instead.  The cool thing is the whole country uses U.S. dollars and only really uses their money when giving out small change, really easy for Americans.

Booked a room at The Siem Reap Hostel and got a free airport pick up.  Got a private room with ensuite and a balcony facing a temple for $30 a night.

Day 1 - Signed up for a cycling tour for $25.  Really really really good.  My guide was named Tye and he was extremely friendly, and helpful.  Highly recommended.

Fantastic day bike riding.

Breakfast as part of the tour, with fresh coconut milk
In total it was 25km and was an easy ride through farm lands, villages, temples and markets.  I really got a sense of Cambodia and was surprised to see how friendly the locals are.  Everyone speaks great english, even better than Thailand and almost every child waves and says hello when you pass them.

I feel like Cambodia is what Thailand was like 10 years ago, really authentic, 3rd world and filled with wonder.  No wonder Angelina Jolie was so in love with this place.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

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  1. Hey Johnny,

    That cycling tour sounds amazing. My girlfriend is from Burma and she tells me that it's amazingly beautiful in these countries. I'm picking up all these travel tips reading your posts. Keep it up and share your knowledge.



  2. Hey Johnny,

    I spent some time last year in Cambodia and I know exactly what you mean regarding an earlier version of Thailand. They're a bit too early and have too little infrastructure for us, but there's a ton of opportunity there for aspiring entrepreneurs who really like the idea of working in an "early stage" country.

    1. Hey Justin, nice to see that the big bosses from Empire Flippers is reading the blog! I really like having Cambodia as a place to go hang out and escape for a week or two but you're right regarding lack of infrastructure, especially the islands. The great thing for entrepreneurs though is how welcome the government is of westerners investing and 100% foreign owned businesses.

      Easy business visas, tons of jobs for westerners and millions of opportunities especially if you want to open a bar, hostel, restaurant or gym.


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