Executive Director of this Charity plans to give up his salary after replacing it with his dropshipping income.

In an age where some CEOs of charities are taking million dollar salaries and flying private jets, there is still some good in the world.  The Silver City Gospel Mission in New Mexico is one of them. The entire board of directors is volunteer only and do not receive any salaries and the Manager/Executive Director Randy Salars just announced his plans to replace his own modest salary of $30,000 a year with an online business so he can donate his entire salary back to the charity.

By giving up his salary the money will go to being able to pay his staff more for their hard earned efforts, to the mission's operations.  It's incredible how selfless some people can be, and that we live in a world where technology and the internet can make it possible to for anyone to start an online business in their free time and replace their income.

Randy is one of the newest members of the dropshipping training course and has set a goal to make enough profit from his online stores to give up his salary.  He has committed to working 2 hours a day in his free time on the store and keeping a progress journal in the private member forums of the course.

I'm cheering for him 100% and in the meantime, I just made a small cash donation to the charity. If you want to support the Silver City Gospel Mission, you can donate food, clothing or cash here directly to the soup kitchen, clothing bank or homeless shelter.

Best wishes to Randy, leave a comment here and tell him you're rooting him on for success!

Randy also mentioned1,000 True Fans

I hope everyone enjoyed this post. It really warms my heart to be able to share this with you all.

Resources Mentioned in this post:

The book: Life Changes Quick
The charity: Silver City Gospel Mission
The course: Anton's Method

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