Internship Update! Meet the Applicants!

I just got off the phone with Charlie, the owner of the coworking space KohSpace and got an update on the interview process for the upcoming internship. Eight applicants will be getting the internship position of their dreams which includes a private room at an island resort, free food and coworking space membership. Since they'll only be working 3 hours a day, they will have plenty of time to work on their own business which really makes it an ideal opportunity for anyone.

After announcing the internship on episode 74 of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast, over 100 people inquired about the opening and 58 sent in video applications.  Here's the update.


In total 58 people sent in video applications, which were all reviewed by the team at KohSpace.

Out of those applicants 40 were selected to move onto the next phase and had Skype interviews.

From those who made it past the Skype round, they were given small social media tasks and 20 are now competing to get the final 8 spots.

Here are some of the video interviews that made it to the final twenty applicants!

Dave Anderson, 26 from Orange County, CA, USA

Dave Brett, 25,  London, England, UK

Natalie Howard, Columbus, Ohio, USA

I'm so excited for the two Daves and Natalie as well as the 17 others who have made it to the final round of applicants. It's an honor to know how cool the listeners of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast are, and how much of a reach it has made world wide.

I wish you all the best of luck and for everyone else who didn't make it to the final 20 or didn't get your applications in on time, keep in touch here on the blog and subscribe to the podcast for updates and more openings!

We are creating an army of entrepreneurs whether you are into dropshipping or affiliate marketing.  I hope to meet all of you in Thailand!

Warm Regards,


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  1. Sound's like a great opportunity for the right person!
    Good Luck to all whom have applied.


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