June 2015 Income Report: Chiang Mai, Thailand

A friend of mine sent me a private message on facebook...worried and concerned. We met in Chiang Mai two years ago and now he lives in Bangkok but has been following my progress and income reports ever since. He said:

"Johnny, I'm a bit seems like ever since you really changed your life by getting to your first $5,000 in income a month from your dropshipping stores, you've been stagnant." 

The good news is, I haven't, I've been working on projects quietly but this is my first monthly income report with the new projects live, so here it is! My income report from the last 30 days, while being based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

july 2015 income report

My friend was right, I did get a bit comfortable with my stores and my lifestyle for a while, which is why I traveled a bunch last year and took it a bit easy. I don't remember exactly how many places but in 2014 I went back to the U.S., to Vietnam, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Borneo, Koh Lanta, and even South Africa, it was a lot of fun, but also a lot of traveling.

This past month, I stayed in Chiang Mai with my head down to finish up my new member's course which I just launched.  Even though in the past year I've created little streams of new income like my courses on Udemy, it was never more than a few hundred dollars a month and weren't quite enough to get me over the $10,000 a month profit target I wanted to consistently hit. I haven't done the math yet, but hopefully this will be the month!  Let's take a look together right now!  I write these live and really have no idea until just now!

Udemy Courses:

I now have a total of 3 courses on Udemy and do pretty much zero promotion for them. I've written a long post on my thread in a forum which got a few signups this month but wrote that months ago so it's passive income now.

For Small Talk our social skills and networking course and Get Relationship Ready which is our course on attracting the right person into your life those sales are 100% passive and because they get super good reviews and almost no refunds ever as they are genuinely good courses, it is easy side income, even though it's not a big amount.

Total Profit from Udemy: $240.88

Book Sales:

Oops, I didn't realize until someone messaged me about it, but the because I updated the cover of Life Changes Quick and didn't approve the proof, the paperback option disappeared from Amazon for the entire month. It should be back up in a few days, but still it kinda sucks to have missed out on a few potential book sales but since 95% of my book sales are digital anyways that didn't explain my sudden drop in income this month.

I took a look at how dropping the book price from $9.99 to $7.99 affected my profits and it looks like the same amount of people buy the book regardless of the price, even when it was originally $26 for the PDF only version so I've raised the price of 12 Weeks in Thailand back to $9.99 and will leave it there.

Right now Life Changes Quick is still at $4.99 but I might raise it back to $7.99 next month as well.

Total Profit from Book Sales: $216.53 +/-

Amazon Sales

PDF Sales

Dropshipping Income:

I don't think either Larissa or I have spent more than 2 hours per week on either of our stores this month, she's been visiting family back in S. Africa and is coming back today, which I'm super excited about!  In fact, she just messaged me two seconds ago that she landed in Bangkok with her best friend from back home and is waiting for her connecting flight to come back to Chiang Mai!

The good news is since my stores have been pretty much optimized and even though I still have a massive to do list of things I can do to increase sales and profit, i'm happy to just keep them semi-passive for now while I focus on other projects like my new course.

Total Sales from Store #1: $20,600
Bonus Travel Rewards: $432.60

Advertising Expenses: $402.77
Phone Support: $150.00
Virtual Assistant: $28.00
Shopify Plan: $79.00

-Shipping/Credit Card Fees/Costs of Goods

Total Profit: $3,132.60 +/-

Total sales from Store #1

For Larissa and my store that we built together during our 30 Day New Store Challenge we are still working on getting more traffic as well as increasing our conversion rates, but since Larissa has been back in Johannesburg we haven't had time to do it together.

But still, we had our biggest month in gross sales! Now it's time to work on getting our conversion rates higher for this store!

Total Sales from Store #2: $23,600 +/-
Bonus Travel Rewards: $495.60

Advertising Expenses: $402.77
Phone Support: $150.00
Shopify Plan: $59.25 (20% off)

-Shipping/Credit Card Fees/Costs of Goods

Total Profit: $2,896.56 +/-
*50/50 Split between my girlfriend and I. 

Total Sales from Store #2

Phone Coaching Income:

I had two calls this month both regarding eCommerce. Jeff has an existing store in Australia that is making sales and wanted to optimize his conversions to make his store more profitable, and Jason is just getting started and wanted to make sure his store is ready to start calling suppliers as well as know what to say to get approved.

It actually takes a huge part of my day and mental energy to do these calls but people really seem to get a lot of value from them which is why I try to squeeze them in still.

Total Profit from Phone Coaching: $195.00

*By the way, nothing to do with this income report, but it's my 34th birthday this month and if anyone wanted to help get clean water to those not as blessed as we are, I'd really really appreciate the support! See details and donate here.

Affiliate Marketing Income: 

Instead of using google adsense, or selling space for banner ads on my blog, websites, and podcast I simply use affiliate links whenever possible and in on my recommended resources page.

I typically make between a few hundred dollars up to over $1,000 for each of the products I promote and I go into detail in my case studies and show my dashboards, exact incomes and traffic sources in the member's area of my affiliate marketing training course.

Total Profit: $1,500-$4,000 on average

YouTube Earnings:

I haven't traveled anywhere this month and have mainly been hanging out around Chiang Mai so I didn't create any new videos this month on my channel, but since I have a few popular videos that I recorded over the last year, I still make a decent amount of passive income from my channel

Here are the stats of my youtube channel from this month. 

Total Profits from Videos: $60.03

Earnest Affiliate Memberships:

I'm really excited that this is my first month offering memberships to my new course because not only is it a completely new stream of income, but I also get to finally show the backend dashboards of my affiliate control panels openly.

The reason why I don't openly display my traffic sources and how much I make from each specific affiliate offer is because not everyone on the internet is an earnest affiliate and I don't want tons of spammers flood the market, which is why I only show it to paid members of my course, and only after they take the new member pledge.  If you're interested in joining the course, it's only $197 right now but will go up to $497 as soon as we get enough founding members in the course.

Total Sales from Earnest Affiliate: $3,470.91 +/-
Commissions Paid to Affiliates: $1,735.46 +/-

Total Profit from my course: $1,156.97

Cost of Living Expenses: 

I normally don't take the time to figure out my actual monthly expenses, and just try to make more money than I spend, I know how helpful it can be for someone who is thinking about moving out to a place like Chiang Mai. So here are my living expenses for June, 2015.

Travel: $0
Visa: $59

Rent: $375
Utilities: $21
Internet: $20
Cell Phone Bill: $13
Gas/Transport: $15

Coworking Membership: $110
Gym Membership: $30

Food and Dining: $400
Alcohol: $0

Yoga Classes: $16
Massages: $25

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi: $100
Other crap: $100

Total Expenses from June 2015: $1,284.00 +/-

Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand
I hope you enjoyed this month's income report! It took me the entire morning to research and write but I've gotten a ton of feedback from people saying that my reports keep them working hard, motivated and seeing what currently works online. 

Total Income from June 2015: $10,401.98 +/-

Finally I'm constantly making over $10k a month in profit which I'm super super excited about as I know that number is going to keep growing from here.  But the best thing about being location independent and living in a place like Chiang Mai is being able to actually have money left over at the end of the month to invest or save.

Amount bootstrapped into savings this month: $9,117.98 +/-

If you're not sure how to get started, check out the post I wrote to my friends and family almost 2 years ago which is still just as valid today or join one of the courses to teach you step by step how to build a profitable dropshipping store or join my new course to learn how to build a blog, a brand, and make money honestly and ethically online, Earnest Affiliate.

I sincerely hope everyone crushes it in July and had a fantastic June!

Warm Regards,


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  1. Johnny!
    not sure what your buddy was talking about - you're more active than ever. This is an awesome report. You have more streams coming in from more sources than anyone I know.

    Now that you're crushing it on the store #2 when is the right time to approach suppliers and ask for better margins? Have you done that on past stores?


    1. Hey Bryan, hey thanks, my goal this past year has really been to build as many streams of income as possible and I think I've finally done it.

      For store #2 the goal is to get our suppliers to give us more products that we can list as well as get approved by some of the ones that initially rejected us. We've already gotten to the gold tier which is the highest one for one of our suppliers but I'm not sure if they other has tiered pricing but it's something we should check out =)

    2. Hey Johnny,
      Cheers, mate!

      So do you just call up the supplier and ask them to let you know how to get in on the next level of tiered pricing?


    3. Yup, some suppliers have very clear price points for tiers, ie; $25k a year is bronze, $50k is silver, $75k is gold. And others you just have to call them up, build a relationship and ask. Where are you at with your store now?

  2. Hey Johnny, This is the first time i've heard of dropshipping and it sounds like something i would be interested in. i went over to antons site but i cant seem to get to the order page. Did he close it off to the public for a short time?

    1. Hey not sure why it was closed but I just checked and you can order it at which is my link if you want to give me credit for refering you.

  3. I am happy for you invested (BJJ) GI for $100!! I look forward to roll with you in your town when I live in Bangkok on November 2015.

    1. Hey thanks I've been really getting back into BJJ and love it. Check out my other blog for BJJ updates:

  4. Johnny, you are making a killing with your blog man! I love your income reports. I've added you The Ultimate List of Blogger Income reports and you are in the top 10. Keep it up, its very inspiring to me and other bloggers.

    1. Hey thanks Alexander, it's cool to be on the list =)

  5. Hi Johnny! Great job with the dropshipping! I heard your story at Nomad Summit on January and have been more and less following you online since that :) Can I ask you where do you live in CM, guessing Nimman? I'm coming back to CM with my boyfriend, maybe on late October and trying to do some condo search beforehand. We stayed earlier in Nimman at The Mirror which was nice but we'd like to have a pool now :) Any suggestions there in Nimman area?

    Love your podcasts and those aren't actually helping with my CM fever. Can't stand this Finnish summer. It's +15c and raining... But podcasts are giving me a lot of inspiration and ideas how I could maybe make money online! Thanks!

    1. Hi Sari, i'm glad you've been following along since the Nomad Summit! That feels like ages ago even though it was just half a year. I can't believe it's still that cold in Finland even during the summer, I thought i'd be nicer than that, but it's good you're escaping in time before winter hits.

      I'm staying on Nimman and like it here. Check out for some condo research.

  6. Hi,

    I'm a blogger from Malaysia. I was impressed with your online income report and it has inspired me to work harder. I'm generating online revenue about $200 per month through google adsense and only joined the affliate marketing like you for 2 months. I hope to be as successful as you .


    1. Hey Skytech, i'm glad my income reports have inspired you to work harder and increase your profits! Let me know how it goes for you and your progress!

  7. Hey Johnny,

    Thanks for sharing these reports. I want to start my dropshipping journey as soon as possible. I will order 2 sessions of coaching, I have a lot of questions to ask! :)

    For your 1st store, you spent 400 USD for paid ads. Isn't it very low? Most people spent 100 USD/day!

    Do you use Google Search Results Ads or FB Ads?

    Amazing results man.


    1. Hey Leo, happy to share. Make sure you go through Anton's course ( before signing up for my coaching sessions as he explains all of the basics including what types of ads you should use.


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