What is Affiliate Marketing? Plus a free preview of Income Boss!

It's a bit of a crazy story on how I first got into affiliate marketing. It was close to 10 years ago when Daniel Rose who is now the co-founder along with Mike Chang of Six Pack Shortcuts which has taken over the fitness industry. I had never met Dan before but he emailed me saying that a bunch of people had bought his eBook and mentioned that I had recommended it to them.

He asked me if I wanted to sign up as an affiliate so I could get credit for those sales and when he explained it to me, it was a no brainer. I started making over $100 every time someone bought his eBook, and since I was recommending it anyways since it genuinely worked, it wasn't any extra effort for me.  If anything, it just gave me more incentive to keep talking about it on my blog. Since then I've learned everything there is to know about affiliate marketing and in this post I'm going to explain the basics as well as why some people make it unnecessarily complicated.

The problem with Affiliate Marketing is that it can mean so many different things which is why I named my course Earnest Affiliate as what I teach is hot to make money through affiliate marketing honestly and ethically and all without the use of crazy software, trackers or private blog networks.

I wanted to give you access to the first module of my course for free as it explains "What is Affiliate Marketing" better than a blog post can possibly do so check it out:

Want to learn more?

If you want full access to the course you can sign up to be a paid member here. 

I created this course because I wanted to condense what I've learned over the past 10 years into an easy, step by step formula that anyone can follow and since it works world wide, and doesn't require any additional software to buy or complicated private blog networks to build, I truly believe anyone can be successful with it.

Inside the course I cover:

  • How to choose a profitable niche
  • Getting Approved by Affiliate Networks
  • Creating a Brand and Choosing the Right Domain Name
  • How to Start a Blog or Website for Free
  • The first 5 blogposts you should write
  • How to Get Free Traffic Organically
  • Then how to Automate and Scale to Replace your 9-5 job

Follow the Case Studies!

One of the most beneficial parts of being a member of Income Boss is getting access to my confidential case studies where I go into my dashboards and control panels to show you how much I make from each affiliate product I promote, where the traffic comes from and how to build enough trust to get your readers to sign up through your affiliate links.

It really doesn't get easier than this. Just backward analyze what has worked for me as well as the other case study examples inside the course and replicate it on your own blog. 

Check out the course at Income Boss and check out some of the modules! 

Warm Regards,


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  1. Hi Johnny, just noticed that the video has been removed from youtube. Checked ur channel and it says the same thing. Love to watch it if u could maybe reupload,


    1. Hey thanks for the heads up! I just reuploaded it on my Vimeo Pro account and it should be working now.

  2. Hi Johnny,
    I read your articles, they are quite well put and tbh i found them very inspiring, productive and helpful.
    As discussed Affiliate Marketing, hope you do not mind helping me with it a little.
    I am Smith, an newbie blogger. I started blogging back in start of 017 and later on i started monetizing it with google ads program(adsense). I was able to earn a little off it as well. After a good time of engagement and hard work i have built a good number of following and traffic that makes me feel like i should integrate with affiliate market.
    I have got the platform but the program is what i need now, one that can help me monetize my socials as well. I have been searching and so many programs and different kind of setups with services. Some are not even accepting new comers or should i say too complex for beginners.
    Here in UK i found this one program that is offering those kinda needed tools for free and 100% commission on sales and 80% on socials which caught my eye but i have no insight on this program or any program out there for that matter. This revglue company seem to sell their stores data here let me link you with them if you can help me out with it or maybe recommend me something that would be great and appreciated.
    Thank you


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