Charles Ngo on: How to be a Millionaire by 30? The 3 Keys.

I want to be a Millionaire.

I'm turning 34 this week so becoming one by 30 is a bit too late for me, but either way, it's better late than never. I haven't met Charles Ngo in person yet, but he's a friend of a friend and just mentioned today that he had a conversation with his Uber driver today and told him that he helps people become more successful.

The Uber driver then put him on the spot and asked: "What are the top 3 keys to being a millionaire by 30?"

Here's how he responded.

1. People

This means associating with successful and smart people. There is NO FASTER way of reaching your goal than finding the right mentor.

If I wanted to improve at basketball, I'd improve 100x faster if I had Phil Jackson as my coach rather than do it on my own.

Good mentors are HARD to find. The next best thing is finding people on your level who are on the same mental wavelength.

On the other hand that means you have to cut yourself off from toxic people. You don't have to be friends with someone because you know them for however many years.

Relationships end because they don't work out. Friendships can end too.

If you're not supporting me then you're off the team.

2. The Industry

I was able to achieve what I did because I was in the right industry. Affiliate marketing is LEGIT. My audience is worldwide!

Imagine if the same Charles Ngo was in some multi-level marketing bullshit or another horrible industry.

I wouldn't be nearly as successful.

Who's going to make more money? The guy entering the newspaper advertising industry or mobile marketing industry? Most likely the mobile marketing because there's more OPPORTUNITY.

3. The daily actions

Here's what you can control the most. There's so many "want-a-preneurs" out there.
They talk a big game, post inspirational shit on their walls all day, and use stupid hashtags. But they don't put in the work.

Getting rich is all about what you're DOING on a day to day basis. Don't talk about it, do it.
Read all the blogs and forums you want about affiliate marketing. You won't be a super affiliate unless you're launching campaigns.

EVERYTHING I do is dedicated towards my goals. I make sure I hit the gym. I meditate. I sleep 8 hours a day.

I'm always working (yet always systemizing and finding ways to work smarter).
To wrap this up...I remember being broke in college. I'd read about all the biographies and people would say "If I can do it you can do it too"

Then I would tell myself all these excuses. But you were in the right industry. But you had This. You had that.

I had a bitch mentality.(at least I fixed it)

The fact is there are people JUST LIKE YOU becoming millionaires every year. There's nothing stopping you from joining the club BUT YOU.

Charles Ngo on the 10 Fundamentals to Success:

Why I'm sharing this.

One could argue that Charles Ngo is technically my competitor as he also teaches affiliate marketing. And a few years ago, I would have had the scarcity mentality and been tempted to hoard the information to myself.  However now, I am a true believe that knowledge, and wealth is unlimited and there is an abundance of it in the world.
Time is the only thing that is scarce which is why it's more important today than ever to filter through all of the noise on facebook and the internet and find things that really benefit us and this was one of those posts that has.  
If you want to check out his website you can go to:
Charles teaches very high end affiliate marketing using mainly PPC and Mobile Marketing and running large campaigns.  He has a great reputation in the affiliate marketing world and is very financially successful.  

Charles Ngo
I finally got to meet Charles Ngo on his birthday at Affiliate World Asia

If you want to learn from me and stick with the basics or if you want to learn white hat affiliate marketing and SEO check out my course Income Boss
What I teach would be considered more personal brand marketing using personal blogs, and free traffic through social media and non-paid advertising.  
Either way, I truly believe that there is room in the world for all of us to be successful and my promise is to always share what is genuinely working here on my blog and inside my course.  Keep in touch and best of luck on your individual journey regardless of which path you choose.

johnny fd speaking
Me speaking at Affiliate World Asia where I met Charles Ngo

Warm Regards,
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