Why We Started Juicing and Why the Lifestyle in Chiang Mai is so Healthy

A few weeks ago, Larissa had a brilliant idea...she wanted to buy a juicer. She wanted to go on a juice cleanse, and I said no f$%ning way.  But then she suggested just eating what we eat now anyways and adding a vegetable juice along with it. I thought, BRILLANT, why doesn't everyone do this?

It turns out a lot of people do, especially here in Chiang Mai, Thailand where most people we know are a lot more health conscious than they are back home.  In this post I introduce you to my buddy Chris who got us into juicing, and go it into how to travel with a juicer (you can't) and the lifestyle of being healthy while living in Chiang Mai.

Why is Chiang Mai so Healthy?

First off, it's not. The pollution from the taxis and tuk-tuks goes completely unchecked so exhaust pollution sucks. Also every March-April the farmers burn the fields covering the city with smoke. Then there's the food, which tastes amazing, but definitely has a ton of sugar and msg in most of it.

But even then, life in Chiang Mai is actually really healthy compared to the rest of the world. There is a ton of nature all around the city, everything is close enough to walk, and there is access to a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and a ton of yoga and exercise.

The solution to the smog (which isn't as bad as Los Angeles) is to either live outside of the city like some of my friends do, or to live directly where everything is happening so you can just walk everywhere. It's the commute that will kill you.

Why We Started Juicing:

We've been wanting to get more vegetables in our diet and have started ordering a side of veggies with every meal, purposely trying to eat more, and even going to salad buffets at least once a week, but it's still not enough. So when Larissa had the brilliant idea of getting a juicer, I was completely on board, especially when she said she'll do all of the work. =)

A big influence has also been our friends here in Chiang Mai that juice. Check out this video by our buddy Chris Wah Chiu where he goes into detail on why he juices, the benefits, shows you step by step exactly what goes into it, and even a sneak peek on what it's like living a bit outside of the city.

Chris is 35 but looks like he's 28 and is ripped, so something he's doing is definitely working. My favorite things about his way of juicing is that he does it to supplement his diet as opposed to replacing it, and he uses mostly vegetables, instead of sugary fruits.

Watch the video here:

Travel Tips for Juicing:

You can't.'s not impossible, but it's very unlikely that you're going to backpack around with a full size juicer. This is why even though we're all technically location independent and able to travel around as much as we'd like, moving around from city to city week by week...we don't.

We all base ourselves here in Chiang Mai and just take short 2-4 week trips whenever we get the itch to check out a different country.

People call us digital nomads, but in reality we're not...we are location independent entrepreneurs who choose to have a home base. The truth is, moving around every 3-4 weeks is fun for a few months, but in reality, isn't fantastic for your health, relationships or your business.

Whenever I travel, my business goes into maintenance mode and so does my health. By having a home base in Chiang Mai, it allows us to invest in equipment like juicers, which we can buy $120, use it for a year, and then sell for $60-$80 or even just give it away and be happy we had it.

Beast Burger with other digital nomads in Chiang Mai
Having this lifestyle and adding in some veggies, allows us to still be relatively healthy while still going out with friends to places like Beast Burger once in a while and not feeling too bad about eating poorly. 

The goal is to create a sustainable, balanced lifestyle where we can be full of energy, be mentality clear and focused while being overall healthy without going too extreme any one way.

I hope this post encourages everyone to add some vegetables into your day and gives you a sneak peek into what the healthy life in Chiang Mai is like.

Warm Regards,


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  1. Just a couple of tips: If cleanup is too much of a hassle with the centrifugal (i.e. Breville) style juicers try a masticating one like the Omega J8000 series. They crush the fruit/veggies and do a great job. Also cleanup is a breeze with just a rinse of most parts and a tiny 1 inch ring you really need to scrub (instead of like a giant 4 inch one). My Breville sits sad & lonely while my Omega gets used regularly for that reason (otherwise it is a great juicer however). Finally it is hard to juice on the road BUT you can blend. Get a Nutribullet (or something like it). It can't handle much but you can put some water/juice/milk like substance (i.e rice, soy, coconut, cow, etc.) maybe some fruit an some leafy green (spinach is always good) and blend it for a few seconds to make a good smoothy. Not worth it for a weekend, but if you are staying a week or more, it is small enough to drag along.

    1. Hey great tips! You're the 2nd person who recommended the Omega masticating juicers and it sounds like next time we're staying somewhere for 1 year+ we'll definitely invest in that instead.

      The nutribullet sounds like a fantastic idea for traveling. I've blended juice with it before but the fibers are too thick to drink, so great call with adding coconut milk or water to it.


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