My Daily Routine: Success Habits for Morning and Night

A lot of people have been asking for my morning rituals or my daily routine so here it is! It's crazy how big of a difference this habits make in terms of productivity, income and overall enjoyment of life. I'm not always perfect so I sometimes catch myself breaking away from these habits, but as soon as I do, I notice the difference and get myself back on track. These are my ideal rituals that I follow 98% of the time but aim for 100%.

Instead of starting with my morning routine, I'm actually going to start with what I do before bed as having a successful daily routine starts the night before. Keep reading for a breakdown of what I do first thing in the morning, what supplements I take, and what I've been doing to structure my day that has gotten me from zero income to over $10k a month.

Before Bed Routine:

I put away my computer and smartphone everyday before the sun goes down and don't stare at screens after dark.


When I read I use the basic $79 kindle instead of a tablet with a bright screen.


I sometimes watch movies or tv series at night but do it on a proper TV while sitting far enough away on the couch instead of on a laptop.

Phone Use

I never stare into my iPhone at night and if I have to use it for any reason, I use the super dim shortcut which I've set when I triple tap my home button. I also switch my phone to airplane mode before going to bed.


I consume zero caffeine after 4pm and will have ginger or Rooibos tea at night.


The only supplement I take at night is ZMA which naturally helps with sleep, muscle recovery and boosts testosterone.

Zero Light

I black out all light and put stickers over all LED indicators on my air conditioning and electronics at night. I close my curtains but don't worry about having blackouts as I like having a bit of sun wake me up in the morning.


I set my alarm for exactly 9 hours from when I start going to bed, that way I always get at least 8 hours of actual deep sleep. I usually aim to get to bed between 10:30-11pm.


I used to be terrible at flossing, but a few years ago I made the mental decision to make it a priority and have never missed a single night since.


I don't believe in organized religion but I pray every night. I say hello to my deceased grandparents, thank God for keeping everyone I love safe and healthy, pray for individual people are either sick, injured or otherwise going through something physically or mentally difficult, then individually think of everyone in my life who I love and care for.

Sex or Meditation

The best way to relax into sleep if my mind isn't settled yet is to either meditate or have sex. I use the Calm app on my iPhone which I highly recommend. When I'm in a relationship I try to have sex at least 4-5 times a week which is healthy not only for us physically and emotionally, but making love is also great bonding and connection for our relationship.

If I'm near a beach I go for a walk before bed

Morning Rituals:

The other reason why I set my alarm for 9 hours every night is so I can wake up naturally before it goes off. This allows me to finish a REM sleep cycle and feel more refreshed the entire day. So instead of going back to bed after realizing my alarm hasn't gone off yet, I just wake up as long as I can see the sun peeking out behind the curtains.

Get Straight Up

I never hit the snooze button. Once I'm up, I just get up. Hitting the snooze button only makes you more tired.

Sunshine is Key

The very first thing I do in the morning is turn on all of the lights and open the curtains. If I have a balcony I'll stand outside in the sun, if not, I'll open the window and stare outside for a few minutes before I brush my teeth.

Water and Salt

I drink a glass of water, with a spoon full of pink himalayan sea salt every morning as it helps combat adrenal fatigue, adds minerals, and hydrates you.

Vitamin D

The only supplement I take in the morning is a few drops of liquid vitamin D. I get more sun than 99% of people I know and was still low in vit d. Get tested if you're unsure.

*Also if you're feeling under the weather, take a mega dose of vitamin D as it helps boost your immune system.


I do a very light stretch first thing in the morning to get my joints moving. I usually do one slow air squat all the way down to get my hip muscles engaged, and twenty slow backstrokes in the air to loose up my hunched forward shoulders from working on the computer too much.


I walk to the office which is only 5 minutes away but really allows me to wake up and start the day right. I purposely live within walking distance to where I work everyday instead of commuting, so if you don't, move or get a new place to work.


I have Bulletproof coffee with local beans, grass-fed butter and MCT oil Monday - Friday which I make at the coworking space wherever I am, and on weekends I have bacon, eggs, and avocado.

My portable office setup. Macbook Air plus the roost.

Work Rituals:

I work normal hours, Monday - Friday 8:30-4pm even though I can technically work whenever I want. Sometimes when I get really excited about a project I might work a bit later or on Saturdays and often you'll see my close my laptop when I go out to lunch and not come back. But either way, when I'm at the computer, I try to be productive.

Setting Daily Goals

The very first thing I do every morning is write down my focus of the day on the momentum app on my computer. I used to have my goal as "Make $100 today" which at the time was a bit stretch but having it be my focus it started happening consistently so I upped it to $200 and started achieving that. Then one day while I was trying to type "Make $300 today" I accidently added an additional 0, but instead of erasing it, I decided to shoot for the stars and have been setting a target to make $3,000 every day since. 

"When you aim for the moon, even if you miss, you'll still find yourself amongst the stars."


I start every morning by quickly looking at my calendar for the day to see if I have any calls or meetings.

To Do list

Using the momentum app's todo list, I check off things I've done and add more things I'd like to do such as "Blog Post - Daily Rituals"

Fulfill Orders: 

I spend the first 30 minutes or so everyday fulfilling my orders for my dropshipping stores. I start by sending out tracking numbers for items that shipped, answering any emails that my customer service VA didn't get to, and forwarding new orders to my suppliers. I could have my VA do all of this, but it usually only takes me a few minutes and I actually enjoy doing it.


I have "Time Out" installed on my computer which locks my screen every half an hour and forces me to get up, stretch and take a break. during these two minutes I walk outside, chat with other nomads, and recently I've been learning how to juggle as it has a ton of benefits to clear your mind.


I aim to create something of value every single day whether it be a blog post, new podcast interview, new training module for Income Boss, Youtube video, or so on.


At 4pm everyday I leave the office and either go do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Surf, CrossFit, Muay Thai, swim or go to the gym. This is an important part of balancing my life and has resulted it more productivity overall as well as health and well being.


 I usually have dinner around 6:30 which allows me to be social but still get home by 8:30pm to unwind before bed.

I also try to take regular cat breaks or play with a stray dog once a day.

Weekends and Travel: 

Everything above is what I do M-F when I'm settled down in once place. I never work on Sundays and don't even check facebook. If I'm traveling or in another city, I often put myself in maintenance mode and only work a few hours M-F and use weekends to sight see and relax.

I'm currently on the island Koh Phangan, Thailand so i've been working a bit less than usual as well as taking the off day off in the middle of the week to go scuba diving, or to explore the island, but when I'm in work mode, I get things done. I hope this daily breakdown helps as it took me years to figure out for myself, but ever since I started implementing these things into my daily routine, I've been a ton more productive, a lot healthier, happier and my income has increased as a result.

Put in the work when you're in growth mode, crush everything, and then relax like a boss once you've done it.  

Hammock of the day here in Koh Phangan, Thailand

That's about it, feel free to ask in the comments section if you want me to go into more detail about anything I mentioned or may have missed.  

Feel free to share some of your best tips from your daily routine as well. Best of luck to everyone! Watch this video below for more tips and suggestions on how to stay productive no matter what life or the world throws at you.

Warm Regards,


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  1. Awesome article Johnny! I'm reading more about Bulletproof coffee and I'm about to buy it. Have you ever used Brain Octane?

    1. Hey Nelson, glad you enjoy the write up! I've been using Brain Octane recently and don't know if it's worth the extra cost over the standard MCT Oil Dave sells, but either way it's good stuff.

  2. Thanks for posting this Johnny. Always interesting to read. This site is a good read too

    I need to work on my sleep so its good to read your nightime wind down routine. I will look into ZMA. Have you tried any other sleep supplements, maybe 5-HTP, I hear that is good too?

    Need to get some Vitamin D too as not much sun in England right now!

    Do you have any plans to get any more testings from Dr Alexs Shields like you've had in the past on your podcast? I found this very interesting.

    Good luck!

    1. Hey thanks Joe. Yup i've been using her ever since and getting blood work done every 6 months. I only use 5-htp to get over jet lag, and wouldn't use it daily as there are side effects for long term use.

      Definitely get some liquid vitamin D!

  3. The basic kindle link doesn't seem to work

  4. Where can I find an exact roost that you have currently it? I did search the roosts like yours, there is nothing I can find it as the exact roost from your photo.

    1. The roost I have now is their 1st generation from their Kickstarter. You'll have to pre-order their new model here:

  5. I've been doing the himalayan salt and water in the morning. So far I've just been putting a teaspoon in warm water to dissolve it then drinking it.

    Then I did some 'research' and it looks like people recommend making Sole and creating a jar of dissolved salt water.

    Do you do this or is just putting the salt in the water enough?

    I'm not expecting tangible results either way, so its hard to know whether I'm doing it right or not.


    1. Hey Joe, either way is fine, as long as it gets into your body =) I don't even bother dissolving it anymore. I just swallow it with cold water even.

    2. Does it matter which Himalayan salt I use?

    3. Nope. I use any pink himalayan salt. I put the ones in rock form that come with a grinder built in. You can get it at Costco, Trader Joe's, Woolworths, etc.

  6. What was your daily routine when you started Anton's course?

    1. I started with this: which was good for my soul but not productivity.

      Then switched to this:

  7. Have you heard of Headspace? Do you still use Calm app?

    1. Tried both, I prefer the voice and user experience of Calm.

  8. So cool, love the part about playing with animals :)

    1. haha thanks me as well. Animals remind us who we are and bring us peace =)

  9. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Very interesting routine. I started a similar one few months ago and realized it make all the difference. Very inspiring!

    1. Hey Paul, happy to share! Glad yours is working for you as well!

  10. Great info as usual....I'm planning to hop on that same bus soon bro...hope to see you in Chiang Mai. Cheers

  11. Can you share the "Time Out" software or extension you use? :)


    1. Yup, it's here:

    2. Thank you very much... You are Johnny Wolf Right?



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