Success Starts at 8:30am - Early Bird Gets the Worm

Just wanted to share a quick observation that will help you be successful in whatever online business you are in. We've all heard the term, the early bird gets the worm, and it's true. The most successful people in the world, the business owners, the CEOs, all have one thing in common, they are often the first people in the office.

When I used to work in sales, I would call potential clients before 8am as I knew the receptionist wouldn't be there yet and the calls would go straight to the person in charge. Now that I work for myself, I'm that person. Here's a quick video and some tips on what you should and shouldn't be doing on a Friday morning at 8:30am.

Hope this quick video helped.
If anyone is curious what my morning routine actually is leave a comment and let me know and I'm happy to make a video about it.

Now go crush life!

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  1. Hello Johnny , we have to be purple cows and not white cows , Your Blogg is so cool "You are a a purple cow , Congrats to you , keep going dude.

    1. Thanks Lago! Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Some good points there. I think it's also fair to be aware that other people have different priorities in life, and they don't necessarily want to 'crush it' each day and 'get rich' and would rather have more experiences than work time in their days.

    But as you did point out, they can't then come complaining saying their business isn't working out as they hoped if they didn't put the work in.

    So please share your (morning) routine.

    I did 5am starts for a while and it felt great having those extra few hours in the morning, but I could never get to sleep early enough each night to avoid getting burnt out after a few weeks.

    I think I will try it again though as that is when I was probably my most productive.


    1. Just posted my full morning routine! Hope you enjoy it!

  3. I'd add to this that one's morning routine should start the night before. It's best to have a "To Do" list for the morning at one's disposal. Heck, you can even go as far as laying out your clothes the night before if you want. I've often sensed that Johnny is a little bit insecure in the way he compares himself to what others are doing all the time and says "I wish I had started this X years ago" but often times he has this sort of advice in simple language that hits home.

  4. Good stuff! I couldn't agree more on the routine. Get up, get at it and hit it hard!


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