August 2015 Income Report: Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is going to be an interesting write up. This was the month where I was featured on, Business Insider, The Independent Top 100 and some other random sites. Most people would assume that skyrocketed my income this month and i'm hoping it did, but we'll both find out just now as I don't look at any of my earnings until I write these things at the end of the month!

If I were to guess, I'm going to assume I made more in some categories such as book sales but overall it wouldn't be a dramatic difference as most of my income comes from businesses that are completely separate from my blog such as my drop shipping stores which I keep private. Let's see how this month goes as my $12k month in July was a record! Lets see if we can break it.

*Income is is my actual amount from multiple streams combined including ebooks, kindle, udemy courses, dropshipping, and affiliate blogging. Keep reading to see the entire breakdown. 

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Income from Book Sales:

Even without looking I already know this number will be higher as the Business Insider article linked directly to both books which I'm sure translated into more readers. Lets take a look to see exactly how big of an impact it made as you can't get better free advertising than this.

Total Profit from Kindle: $435.59 +/-
*I just guessed at the currency conversion rates and have no idea how much 155.53 MXN is worth.

For whatever reason a ton of people opted to buy the PDF versions of both books instead of ordering the kindle format this month.

Total PDF Profit: $203.68 - $5 = $198.68

Total profit from paperbacks: $79.45 +/-

I somehow didn't have paperbacks available for 12 Weeks in Thailand so the income for that was $0 this month but hopefully it's turned back on now. For Life Changes Quick a ton of people bought paper backs which makes me super happy as I love the idea that people are walking around with physical copies of my book! 

But even better than the profit I made from the book sales this month has been the number of new reviews people wrote which not only makes me extremely happy personally but also increases the ranking and visibility of the book on Amazon. 

Big big big thanks to everyone who bought the book in August and took the time to leave a review! 
I appreciate it more than you know!

Total Profit from Book Sales: $515.04
Number of new 5 star reviews: 7

Haven't read the books yet? 
You can get them on amazon or here: 12 Weeks in Thailand and Life Changes Quick.

Income from Udemy Courses:

It was pretty cool getting a tweet from the CEO of Udemy Dennis Yang, especially since Udemy has been a great source of passive income for me and my girlfriend. She has her own account and has been creating new courses completely on her own now that her dropshipping store is pretty much automated and she has a lot of free time on her hands.

For our first course together Small Talk Networking, we each earned $97.86 making it almost $200 in come total which is awesome as it's completely passive income.

Our second course isn't doing very well, so I've just spent some time editing the title and course cover image to hope it helps. Get Relationship Ready is a great course for single people who want to develop themselves into attracting a good life partner, but maybe it's not something people are looking for on the platform, let's see how it does next month!

My third course which is just mine is actually something I created to give away for free as a bonus when people sign up for Anton's Dropshipping course but it turns out a lot of members have been buying it anyways as it gives my insider tips on things like how I choose niches and what I look for before calling suppliers, it's called Jump Start Success with Anton's method and is designed as a supplementary course.

Total Profit from Udemy: $309.91

Income from Drop Shipping:

July was one of my slowest months ever for my dropshipping stores, but I knew it was my own fault. I've been too comfortable with them and have just let them coast pretty much since December 2014 which is a marvel that they were still profitable without me doing anything at all. The first half of August my store was completely dead.

Half way through the month I reset all of my ad spend which may have resulted in higher ad costs overall but has also resulted in more sales. Now that I have some more data, I'm going to slowly tweak my bid prices to keep my advertising budget low while maximizing sales. I'm happy to see sales starting to increase again. =)

Total Gross Sales: $9,815.32
Advertising Costs: $510.87
Customer Service: $150
Shopify Cost: $79
Costs of Items/Shipping/Etc: ----

Total Profit from Store #1: $1,302.94 +/- 
+$147.22 in travel rewards +/-

For the store that Larissa and I run together we had a decent month considering neither of us have spent any time on it since we built it at the end of last year. I just took a look at our ad budget for this store and realized it's still way too low so I've increased it by a bit to hopefully ramp up sales for next month.

Total Gross Sales: $8,390.00
Advertising Costs: $232.00
Customer Service: $150
Shopify Cost: $59.25
Costs of Items/Shipping/Etc: ----

Total Net Profit for Store #2$1,003.14
+$125.85 in travel reward credit +/-

Total Profit from Dropshipping: $2,579.15

Income From Other Income:

From Google Adsense I made something stupid like $7 but my Youtube earnings were pretty decent at $71.95. A small part of my daydreams on how cool it would be to be a full time youtuber but at the end of the day it's a nice side income but not something worth my time scaling. 

I also got another phone coaching client this month who paid $115 for an hour over skype to talk about his dropshipping store. 

Total Profit from Other Income: $193.95

Income from Affiliate Marketing:

The best thing about the article features is that it brought me an entire new stream of readers who will now follow my journey. It's funny that everytime another website picked up the original Business Insider article and translated US dollars into English Pounds or even once Serbian Dinars the amount of money they said I made per month kept going up.

The original article just multiplied what I made last month by 12 which is fairly accurate but then that somehow turned into "This Entrepreneur make this per day!" or then "Look what he makes per hour!" which was way exaggerated.

Either way, I don't expect my income this month from my recommended resources to go up but anything crazy as it's already been pretty high but I expect it to rise in the next few months as people continue to follow my journey, read my books, listen to the Travel Like a Boss Podcast and get to know me and realize that everything I say and recommend is completely earnest and I genuinely want to see everyone be a success.   It takes a long time as in weeks if not months to build up enough trust but with a combination of everything that is out there people can get a sense that I genuinely want to see people succeed which is why I spend so much time sharing what is currently working for me. 

Here's a sneak peak at one of my payouts:

Inside my course Earnest Affiliate I show exactly which products I am promoting and how much I earn from each of them. In my confidential case studies I show behind the scenes in my personal dashboards, the exact products, earnings and traffic sources. 

Ever since I started creating my affiliate marketing course, I started exploring other ways to make money from affiliate marketing besides with just my blog and it's been paying off big time. I went from making a $2,000 a month from affiliate income just a few months ago to scaling it up 5x since then. I'm really excited as who know how big this income stream can get. 

Since I'm now teaching a course on affiliate marketing I figured it was imperative that I also grow my own income which is why I've been focusing on it so much lately. I've always recommended products that I personally use and am really excited that I'm now making a big chunk from affiliate products in other niches completely unrelated to my dropshipping stores. 

In May I started promoting web hosting with the company that was recommended to me and that I personally use to host my wordpress sites. It took a few months to get people interested, but because I created honest reviews and personally use the service over the months my affiliate sales have increased accordingly paying $600 this month since I hit the 2nd commission tier. In case you're curious what product I'm talking about, it's Siteground the webhost I use for some of my websites. 

Inside my course I teach you how to get find and get approved by affiliate programs, create content that converts, and get free, non-paid traffic without using complicated SEO or private blog networks. 

Total Profit from Affiliate Income: $10,144.79

Income from My Course:

In case you're wondering how much I'm making from my actual course, it's not much yet, but I didn't create it for short term profits, I'm in it for the long run as I truly believe I can create success for my members and in the next 3-6 months they will blow my course up as they'll be able to be testimonials of how much value is in it.

If you've ever been interested in creating a blog, youtube channel, website or podcast and wanted to monetize it with affiliate marketing I hope to see you inside my new course Earnest Affiliate where I teach you step by step with video tutorials how to setup a new website, create content, find and get approved by affiliate programs then get high quality, free traffic that converts.

Come along during the journey!

Total Profit from Earnest Affiliate: $759.02

Total Profit for August 2015: $14,501.86

Living Expenses:

Rent: $352.13 a month
Utilities: $15.62 a month
Internet/Phone: $16.85 a month
Co-Working Office: $109.38 a month
Gym Membership: $39.06 a month
Food: $468.75 a month
ATVing: $65
Visa Extension: $54
Misc: $100

Total Monthly Expenses: $1,159.29 +/-

I just realized I've been writing this income report for the past 6 hours now and am so glad it's finally done. It's crazy to think how many people just scroll right through it look at the final number.

But at the same time I know that even if 1 out of 20 people take the time to read the whole thing, learn from my ups and downs and follow the journey for themselves it was worth the effort. At the end of the day, there aren't that many people who have the free time, or willingness to share their entire lives and income sources online but ever since I started, not only have I received a ton of messages saying I've inspired or helped it's also been forcing me to grow myself.

I used to strive to be comfortable, I used to yearn to be content, now I force myself to stay uncomfortable and to strive for more. Follow my journey and best wishes in your own success.

Warm Regards,


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  1. Rent went from $375 last month to $203 this month? What was the cause?

    1. Just fixed it, it was just a mistype as I was splitting rent with Larissa in the past but have been paying for it on my own since she's back in SA.


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