Bulletproof Coffee and Diet vs. Paleo after 3 years.

I've been on a lot of diets throughout my life, but have never stuck to anything for more than a month at a time. A big part of me wishes I could just eat whatever I wanted and not have any need to eat a crazy way, but that's just not how my body was built and I'm thankful for it. If it wasn't for weight gain I'd still be eating pizza, burgers and pasta and would have never known how it feels to have mental clarity, brain fog free and unlimited energy in the afternoons.

There is no such thing as the perfect diet, and I've found a ton of pros and cons of both eating Paleo and Bulletproof, here is the update on what has worked and what hasn't.

Why Paleo?

I started with a paleo diet mainly because it was more popular and I heard about it before anything else. To me it made absolute sense and I really wanted to thrive on it. The only downside was I ended up eating eating steak and a side of vegetables 7 nights a week and physically got tired of chewing meat, never feeling satisfied and always being hungry.

It's still the easiest to start out with as it taught me what to eliminate from my diet more than what to actually add, also since Paleo is a popular buzzword, a lot of people understand what it is making it easier to talk about and research.

Even though I personally eat more of a Bulletproof diet which I'll talk about why in this post, I still recommend most people to start with Mark Sisson's 21 Day Paleo Challenge which he's branded as the Primal Diet, but are very similar.

Mark is 58 years old, doesn't take diet or exercise too seriously making it relatively easy to follow and is a fantastic starting point for anyone to stop eating crap.

Why Bulletproof?

The reason why I personally eat a Bulletproof diet is because while Paleo taught me what to eliminate from my diet, Dave Asprey's Bulletproof diet taught me what to add back in and replace it with. Instead of just eating bacon and eggs for breakfast as I did with Paleo I now drink Bulletproof Coffee which is made with good quality beans, grass-fed butter and MCT oil which is concentrated coconut oil and it's been a total game changer.

The biggest downside of eating Paleo was that I was always hungry, never fulfilled and after a few weeks I felt weak. After reading more about Dave's diet, I started adding a ton of healthy fat into my diet and it's made all of the difference. I started eating grass-fed meat, caring about where my eggs came from, and adding things like coconut-oil and MCT into my daily diet.

The biggest downside of the Bulletproof diet when I started was the lack of recipes as it's a lot more strict than Paleo. Also when I first started following Dave, he didn't even have a book out yet, and we had to dig through old blog posts or follow a chart to figure out what the heck to actually eat. Thankfully he's now come out with a ton of info to follow and ever has his own coffee shop/restaurant in Santa Monica, CA!

New Bulletproof Cookbook Video

6 reasons why I drink Bulletproof Coffee:

1. Time Savings - Going out to eat breakfast or even making it at home is 30+ minutes I now save every morning.

2. Caffeine Drip - The butter in the coffee slows down the release of caffeine into your bloodstream so you get the positive effects for hours slowly, instead of a sudden spike and crash without it.

3. Mental Clarity - Instead of being full and sluggish after breakfast, my brain is completely fog free and I attribute a lot of my success to it helping me be able to crush it at the office every morning. I've also been using his brain octane oil which I can't tell if it makes the difference or if the standard MCT oil is good enough, but either way, it's working.

4. Good Fats - I'll talk more about this later, but it's easy to fill myself with healthy fats in my coffee.

5. Tastes Great - I actually really really enjoy it, and even enjoy making it in the morning as it's become part of my daily ritual.

6. Intermittent Fasting - By having my last meal at 8pm and having Bulletproof coffee for breakfast instead of solid food, my body stays in Ketosis until lunch which has helped shed body fat faster than anything else I've done.

My morning Bulletproof Coffee at the Coworking Space

How to Start Being Bulletproof

If you want to hear more about how I first met Dave Asprey and a bit more about why I'm such an advocate of his diet you can listen to episode 58 of the podcast when I had Dave on the show. If you want to know more about the diet itself, you can read his book on amazon.

But the biggest problem till this point was the lack of recipes for the diet which is why I've always just eating big ass salads with a grass-fed steak for most of my meals. Luckily, he's come out with a new recipe book which has 125 options for us to make at home. Honestly, if I lived closer to Santa Monica I'd just eat at the new Bulletproof Coffee Shop as it'll be easier than cooking, but since most of us don't have it close by, the new book is a welcome addition.

I didn't write this post because to earn affiliate commission for promoting the new book as even if five of you buy it using my link for the new Bulletproof Diet cookbook I'll only get $20. I did it because his diet really did change my life, helped me have the energy and mental focus to build my business, and has kept me lean and healthy better than any other diet out there. I wanted to give back and help promote the new book as I know it'll help a ton of people who haven't tried it yet.

bulletproof diet
The Bulletproof Diet Infographic

Final Thoughts

I'm a big believer in helping spread the word for products and services that have genuinely made a big impact on my life, and the fact that I'm able to also earn a living as an affiliate gives me the time and energy to do so. It really is a blessing and I'm so grateful for both this life that I've built, but also being able to share what has worked for me and what hasn't.

I genuinely hope everyone reading this gets success in all aspects of health, nutritional, relationships, and business. Just remember that no matter how good a diet, course, or program is you have to both follow it correctly but also monitor your own health through yearly blood tests as it's only prudent to keep track of your own health and it's a personal responsibility.

Let me know how it goes, and how you like the coffee and new book.

P.S. If you're curious about my experience being Vegetarian and why I don't believe in the Vegan diet read this post here. 

Warm Regards,


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  1. Hi Johnny,

    I've had great success with a somewhat similar diet that my wife taught me:

    * No red meat (chicken / fish is ok)
    * No cow-based dairy (goat / sheep is ok)
    * No refined sugar (fruit / stevia is ok)
    * No wheat-based products (spelt is ok)
    * As much organic raw food as possible (fruit, uncooked veggies, fresh salmon etc)
    * Cook only in coconut butter (amazing stuff)

    In practice most of my meals are fruit mixes, and salads spiced up with nuts, lentils, chick peas, fish and soy. Rice dishes are okay too, but pasta is not (contains wheat).

    I call it "vegetarian-light", because I only avoid the red meat. I still happily eat chicken, turkey, and other white meats.

    The results have been spectacular. I lost 12 kg in one year, my BMI dropped right down to my optimal value, and a chronic childhood condition simply vanished. I don't recognise myself on old photos anymore.

    I do recognise the energy issue though. I usually grab some supplements before a workout. Maca powder is pretty amazing stuff and gives you a huge energy boost. I often used it before going on a run.

    I guess there's no one-size-fits-all diet, all that matters is that you do something to avoid industrial foods. The power of a good diet is mind-blowing.



  2. Hey Mark, you hit it on the head when you said "The power of a good diet is mind-blowing." I absoutely agree.

    It sounds like your diet is wayyyy better than what most people eat and I'm really glad ot hear you've had so much positive success with it!

  3. I suffer from adrenal fatigue and IBS/leaky gut. chronic sinusitis and allergies caused by stress and bad diet. my symptoms have got progressively worse over the last 5 yrs causing me to make some serious changes. I highly recommend anyone thinking of changing there diet/lifestyle consider an elimination diet in order to asses your own sensitivities ie: gluten, dairy sugar ext as everyone is different . I closely follow a paleo/ ketosis diet with only white rice, sweet potato, honey, black strap molasses and minimal fruit and full cream yogurt and occasional white cheese as the exception (prop-biotics) as well as fermented veggies like sauerkraut and lacto- fermented beets and carrots (one banana at breakfast) with occasional cheats. I also alkalize by taking bicarb and sea salt twice daily in water (for adrenals). Coconut oil, Butter and animal fats (mostly from chicken) magnesium zinc and vitamin C. top off my list. I've since lost a lot of weight and feel better as well as my symptoms easing off somewhat. Eliminating sugar and wheat was the big one for me since I love bread pasta and especially pizza. I also eliminated night shades like tomato, chilli and bell peppers. SO yep my diet has become super boring at times but it beat the IBS, insomnia, allergies, mood swings/depression and a list of allergies to boot. I believe that an elimination diet, achieving an alkaline state and especially GUT HEALTH as well as eating healthy fats is the key to achieving my health goal .
    I still struggle but its a shit load better than before as I could hardly function. Thanks Johnny for sharing, its interesting to see how you have also come through some dietary/lifestyle struggles. I guess it helps to have less stress be your own boss and focus on the adventures your having instead of missing that pizza !

    1. Hey Clinton, thanks so much for sharing your journey. Sucks to hear you went through so much, but I'm really glad the elimination diet worked for you!

      I also had adrenal fatigue (from over training Muay Thai) and having a teaspoon of pink himalayan sea first thing in the morning with a glass of water helped me recover a ton.

      Keep pushing through, glad you're feeling a ton better! And you're right, I'd rather have no stress and a great life as a nomad than pizza any day of the week!

  4. Thanks for this, Johnny! As I stated on a comment under your FB post, I started low carb about 23 days ago and have lost 20 lbs so far. I know it will slow down after a while, of course, Actually I have been going by this man Bob Briggs from his FB and Youtube page called Butter Makes your pants fall off. He really emphasizes butter and fats as well, so I am pleased to read about the second method you recommend. Thanks, I am looking into this.

    1. Hey Jeff really glad it's working for you and I can see why your high butter low carb diet has made you drop so much weight. Great job! Keep us updated on your progress!

  5. Err, what is this "grass fed butter?" I never met a cow that didn't eat grass, sometimes referred to by the trade name "hay." Actually, cows won't give milk if they don't get huge amounts of hay. Perhaps the cow prefers fresh grass instead of dried out hay? Just wondering.

    1. Most cows are not fed by grass but are fed with corn and soy. These grain-fed animals are not healthy compared to grass-fed animals. Grain-fed animals are also usually treated poorly. They are confined and injected with synthetic estrogens like Bovine Somatotropin and Zeranol.

  6. Hey Johnny, Where do you get bulletproof coffee in Chiang Mai?

    1. Hey I use organic beans from local farms such as Akha Ama Coffee.
      Grass Fed Butter is available at Top's, Rimping and Makkro. (Unsalted Anchor Butter from New Zealand)
      MCT Oil I bring or order from the U.S. - Or you can use extra virgin coconut oil.

  7. I have had success with the Bulletproof coffee and diet. I'm wondering how it compares to Whole30. I have my own observations, but would love to know what you think.

    All the best,

  8. Hey Angela, i'm glad you had success with the bulletproof diet! The Whole30 is extremely similar and is a great way to have an eating plan for the first 30 days which is the hardest. The biggest difference between the two is Whole30 doesn't allow butter, even grass-fed butter, so Bulletproof coffee is off the list, unless you make it with clarified butter. The reason why Dave Asprey allows butter but not dairy is because it contains so little lactose it's not an issue.

    Try the Whole30 if you want, they're all good diets as long as you stick to them.


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