Is Dropship Lifestyle Membership Really Closing?

A couple people have been asking me if Anton is really closing membership to Dropship Lifestyle if so why? I called him up to ask him what the heck is going on, why he's closing it and honestly wanted to talk him out of it as I thought it was a terrible idea.

But once he explained it to me over the phone, I not only understood but also fully support him and think it'll be better for not only the current members but also future ones when he finally opens it back up sometime in 2016. Here's all the inside info on Anton Kraly's plans for his dropshipping course and how it'll affect current members and those who are thinking about joining.

Why is Anton Closing DSL?

I was just as shocked as everyone else when I first heard so it was a surprise to me as well. I messaged him and asked if we could hop on skype so I could ask him what was going on and half way through I wished I had recorded the convo as it would have made a great podcast.

But the scoop is, he really takes the time to properly onboard each new member, answer their questions and help them get started which takes a lot of manpower especially because he does most of it personally till this day. He mentioned his primary goal is to refilm a lot of videos and restructure it so people are forced to be successful before moving on. His goal is for every member to have the easiest blueprint to follow, but to do that, he'll have to completely revamp the course.

Here's the email I got from Anton announcing to all of his affiliates that DSL is coming membership.

Video from Anton Himself:

Sign up for the mailing list for beta access to the new course

What About Existing Members?

The good news is the member's area is going to be remain open for all existing members who sign up before December 1st 2015.  Better yet, they are automatically going to get access to all of the new content once the course opens back up in 2016 and will get a free upgrade even through the course is going up in price. 

The main reason Anton is shutting down new memberships is because he wants to make sure he has enough time to properly take care of existing members and help them succeed. So don't worry, if you've already a member or join before it closes, you'll be well taken care of and will still be able to access the course, all of the videos and the private member's forum while the course is closed.

When is the Course Opening Again?

One of my biggest concerns with the program closing is the amount of time it's going to take to rebuild the course, shoot all of the new videos and open up again. I asked Anton why he couldn't just slowly build the new course and film the videos while leaving the existing one open and he replied that taking on new member's just takes so much time and energy he can't focus on both at the same time so he's closing it so he can concentrate.

I asked him if he had a timeline on how long everything would take and his guess is 6 weeks, but honestly, I think it's going to be a lot more work than he had imagined and there's a big chance it'll take longer. But either way it'll definitely open up again in 2016 and hopefully it'll be mid January 2016 and not February or March.

How's my Store Doing?

Dropshipping Profits:

I 've been sharing my dropshipping journey ever since I started two and a half years ago, and continue to do so because it really jump started my career as a location independent entrepreneur. Last month I made $4,785.84 from my dropshipping stores and in total I've made over six figures running my stores part time.

I promote Anton's course as an affiliate because it's how I started my dropshipping stores and because I genuinely believe it's the best way for anyone to start their own as well. So if you do sign up please use my link for Anton's course if you want to give me credit for referring you and as a gift i'll send you my Jump Start Success course which helps you get over the most common hurdles of starting a new store, including niche selection, calling suppliers and getting your first sale.

My goal has always been to share what genuinely works, help anyone who follows my recommendations as much as I can and for all of us to be a success. 

How Much Will DSL Cost When it Reopens?

Every year as Anton adds more and more videos into his course and more features such as the in person retreats, website design help, and more content he raises the price of the course. Every single year people complain saying they were planning to join sooner and wish they could get in for the old price, or wait in hopes that the course will revert back to it's old price, but it never does.

No one knows how much the new course will cost, but badgering Anton over the phone he said it'll be at least a few hundred dollars more. Either way, if you're serious about starting a dropshipping store and want to follow a course that genuinely works, join today as it'll never be cheaper than it is now.

You'll get a free upgrade to the new course once it opens as well as lifetime updates as Anton constantly adds more content, so it's a great investment even if you don't plan on getting started until the new year. You can join the course at  Hope to see you inside the course.

Warm Regards,


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  1. Gutted it's going up in price, but it seems fair enough. If I had the money now I would be all over it, but with Christmas coming up it's just too much to outlay when I need the cash for the family. Especially when it might be $997 in US dollars... it's actually closer to $1400 Australian.
    Oh well, will just have to wait until 2016 and pay the higher price once I've saved the money for it.

    1. Hey Andrew, man the Australian to USD exchange rate sucks right now! Sorry to hear that!

      Hope you figure it out. I know the holidays are expensive!

    2. Lol . Try the Rand $1=R14 I'm Gutted, but determined to be successful regardless! Agree with what Andrew says. Worth it. Were there's a will there's a competitive Ozzy or Saffer making a way. ;-)

  2. there is a black Friday sales going on rite now everthing for $797, which is what i make ever two weeks in the USA with 9-5 day job, im a newbie with intermediate internet skills but capable of learning. I think im going to get this and go all in and see if its possible.

    1. Yup, just go through my link when you order and you'll still get the bonus Jump Start Course for free when ordering. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Johnny!

    I ordered Drop Ship Lifestyle via your link, but when I finished payment it just stayed at the order page.. nothing happened?
    It didn't redirect me to a Thank You page or Jump Start Course page?
    Later on I did received a mail from Anton with login info, but I was wondering if it came through on your side?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Greets, DSB

    1. Hey DSB. Hmm that's weird you didn't get a Thank You page. But I'm glad you got the login info. You should automatically get forum access in a few days then access to my Jump Start course a few days after that. Let me or Anton know if that doesn't happen. See you inside the course!

  4. Hi Johnny,
    Quick question before I jump into DSL. Will it be any hurdle that I need overcome if non-US resident (I'm Malaysian) to source for product from US supplier & sell it in US? I was told that you need to have Tax ID etc before you could work with US supplier & deal for wholesale price. Hope you could share some insight. Cheer!

    1. Hey Hanuman. If you're Malaysian and want to sell in the U.S. market you'll need an LLC, US Bank Account, Tax Info. It's possible as others have done it, but it's about 5 steps easier than getting a green card, which means it's still an investment of time and resources so keep that in mind before you join.

    2. I say go for it Hanuman, Financial location Independence is the Ultimate green card !
      Hey Johnny I've checked out getting an LLC and Tax Number Ext but is it really necessary to have a US Bank account? Won't having the above plus a International Master card be enough ? I read the 30 day challenge I'm curious as to how Larissa got around these potential issues with payment to suppliers. Is there anything that eludes to this inside the course? Whats your thoughts on that? Thanks.

    3. Hey Clinton, I completely agree about Financial Location giving the ultimate freedom.

      As for having a US Bank Account it's mainly so Shopify can transfer money to you in US dollars so you're not paying fees getting money in and out of your business. Larissa just ended up using one of my credit cards/bank accounts to run her store so she didn't have to deal with it. But Payoneer would be the easiest option:

      Anton has or is creating a module for international members but there is a ton of info in the member forums about it already.

    4. Hi Johnny, just wanted to double check. Is it really possible to obtain an LLC, US bank account, and getting registered with IRS doing everything mentioned online, as a Malaysian resident? are there any modules covering specifically these stuff? I've joined other courses and these issues were never addressed properly as an internationally seller like myself. I can also confirm that the payoneer method is not a viable solution because Shopify doesnt see it as legit route and will deactivate our shopify payment gateway eventually.

      I'm seriously considering joining dropship lifestyle when it reopens.

    5. Hey Chris. Yes it's 100% possible but it's a commitment. Think of it as 5 steps easier than getting a U.S. Green Card.

  5. I'm ready to buy the program before it goes off sale, one question is ,when i set everything up with my shopify, will i need to order large quantities from the supplier to even get access to their products? or when someone order a single item from my shopify,i then can order from the supplier, who then ships it to the customer?


    1. Hey Joel, the great thing about dropshipping is you don't need to buy any inventory. You just list the products on your site and after someone buys something, you order just 1 of that unit and have it sent directly to the customer. Anton explains it in detail in his course: - See you inside!

  6. Anton doesn't have paypal payment.
    This is annoying to me. haha

    1. Well now you got a few months to apply for a credit card as membership to his course is now closed. =)

  7. Hey Johnny, I recently joined DSL and moved to Chiang Mai. I'd like to connect with other DSL'ers in the area. Would really appreciate your suggestions.

    1. Hey Nefer. I would either just start a thread in the DSL forums or join either the DSL Group on facebook or even the specific one for people in the Retreat Group:

  8. Looks like Anton's course is back open and I am giving it a serious look. It is not inexpensive, but if it will help me build a location independent business it will be worth it.

    Is there still a vibrant DSL group living in Chiang Mai?

    1. Yup, it's quietly reopening but he hasn't made a big announcement yet as he's still fixing some things in the backend. If you sign up please do it through my link so I can send you the Jump Start course as a thank you:

      As for CM a lot of people are traveling right now for the next 1-2 months as it's burning season but there have been a ton of people around and the member forums are a great place to connect.


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