Things I'm Thankful For + Drama in My Life.

You may not know this but there have been a ton of negative things going on in my life that I've been dealing with in the past couple of months. There's a psychopath out there that has been trying to break up Larissa, not realizing that her mom is suffering from late stage Cancer and she's going through a million family problems right now. That same sociopath has been emailing my suppliers trying to convince them I'm scamming customers. And that's just the tip of the iceberg with drama in my life.

But even with all of that, I am so grateful and overall so so blessed that I wanted to share this post with all of you. I realize that for every person who has a weird stalkerish obsession with me or thinks what I'm doing is somehow bad, I have fifty people that regularly message or even come up to me in person and thank me for sharing my success and journey. I also realize that nothing others do are because of me, it's all a reflection on their own lives and anyone who is that obsessed with me is most likely extremely unhappy in their own lives. Here's everything that is going on and my plans on moving forward.

Relationship with Larissa

I haven't been publicly talking about our relationship and the things going on health and family wise, as even though I'm super open and transparent with a lot of things, there are just some things that are too personal to share. 

It's so crazy that some people think just because I have a public blog and podcast that I'm not allowed any privacy when it comes to current, ex and future relationships. The definition of a Sociopath is a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience and unfortunately I have a stalker that definitely fits the description.

My the Business Insider feature about me came out a few months ago this one person thought it was their duty or responsibility to "expose" me about my past. That led me to finally get around writing something that I've been wanting to share but have been too embarrassed to do so, so thank you for that actually.   But then they even went as far as stalking Larissa, digging up web archives and emailing her out of context things from my blog I had written 10 years ago that I had completely forgotten about and already deleted. Their "mission" was to expose me as a scumbag/bad boyfriend, and they even went as far as pretending they were a girl to make their cause seem more legitimate.

What this person didn't realize was that not only did they make us stronger by having us openly communicate about things we went through in the past and how it molded us today, but the fact that Larissa went out of her way to create an account on reddit to and write a long post to defend me made me love her that much more, knowing she has my back no matter what. The only thing this stalker/self proclaimed social justice warrior accomplished was adding undue stress and doubt to Larissa's life while we were thousands of miles apart as she was nursing her sick mother who has severe, untreatable lung cancer that she got from second hand smoke. (a big reason why I don't respect anyone who smokes and stay away from them.)

What I'm thankful for is knowing that Larissa has gotten to spend so much time with her mom, dad, sister, nephew, family and friends and even though we're thousands of miles apart and our relationship is complicated, we both love and support each other fully. I'm also so thankful that Larissa's dropshipping store is doing well enough to support her financially while she's going through both her own and her mother's health issues. 

It has reminded me how important it is to live low stress lives, not to overwork ourselves, and not to accept being around people in our lives that smoke, or otherwise harm us. There's a lot more going on in Larissa's personal and family life that is too personal to share, I just hope that the person who emailed her trying to "help" realizes that they have a delusional disorder and is a danger to themselves. If you hate someone that much, just go punch them in their nose or at the very least confront them and tell them why. Also realize that it is psychotic behavior and you might need real help. 

Anyone who would think it's their "duty" or "job" to interfere with someone else's relationship, especially someone who they don't know is the equivalent to a stalker who thinks they are in a relationship with Angelina Jolie even though they've only briefly seen her once at a planet hollywood opening. 

Business Issues

This same person has recently emailed one of my suppliers for my dropshipping store claiming that I am scamming my customers. Luckily, I've met my suppliers in person and have been doing business with them for three years now so they know my character.

It's crazy that people who don't know you in person, think they know you well enough to judge you or assume who you are or what your intent is. The good news about anonymous internet trolls is that fact that they never show their face or use their real names is that they have no credibility. If they had used their real name or left a real phone number, my supplier might have taken their "warnings" more seriously but the fact that they didn't means they just wasted their time.

I simply told my supplier to feel free to call, email or write to any of my 1,000 customers that I've had over the past few years and ask if they were happy with my their order and 99.9% of them will say yes. At the end of the day, what really matters in business is making sales and making customers happy, not what you do in your personal life.

I'm not ready to reveal how I'm going to do it yet, but thanks to the sociopath's email, I'm actually going to make a lot more money with my dropshipping stores in the upcoming months. Keep an eye out on the blog and the upcoming income reports to see how. 

As you can see from the customer report I just generated above, I've had well over 500 unique customers (closer to 1,000) many of which were happy enough not only to spend thousands of dollars but also to reorder 2, 3, and even 5 times.

Even though my stores are online, run location independently, and managed from wherever I happen to be in the world at the time, it is a real business with real customers. The only difference is instead of having a warehouse, my inventory is drop shipped directly from my suppliers. 

The reason why I openly share my success is because I want to spread the word and be an example that dropshipping genuinely works and that Anton's course really did help me build a six figure business. I've always openly shared screenshots of my exact numbers, and have always shared both my revenue as well as my net-profit. Anyone who doubts it is not only hurting themselves and keeping themselves poor, but also risking making other people doubt both the system and themselves. These social justice warriors who somehow think it's their job to "warn" everyone that dropshipping is a scam are really just causing confusion and keeping other people from being successful.

The sad truth is haters and trolls are never as successful as the people they are hating on or trolling. That's a fact. Successful people don't blame others for their failures, but haters turn to anonymous internet trolling to make themselves feel better that they are a failure by finding holes, excuses and reasons why they shouldn't even start.

Why I'm Thankful

Even though it would be easier not to have to deal with online stalkers, anonymous trolls, and negativity things in my life, I know that everything they do or say has nothing to do with me and is a reflection on their own lives. I am blessed to have a great family, supportive friends, good health, and a bright future.  Even though Larissa and I are living apart and want different things in our lives and in our future, we love each other deeply, talk almost everyday and support each other fully.

It would be "nice" to have a less complicated life and a more sure future, but at the same time, I'm really lucky to finally have escaped both the rat race of a job I hated, being stuck in an office that I didn't love, as well as finally believing there is good in the world and that just because someone charges $1,000 for an information product it doesn't mean they are trying to scam you and that it might genuinely be worth that much or more. 

I don't know what the future will hold, but I know that I go through life everyday optimistic and that I will always be wealthy regardless of what businesses I get into as I've finally learned the value of investing in your own education as well as putting in the hard work to make it actually come true. I will continue to share what has genuinely worked for me as I know how hard it is to sift through the bullshit you often find online. 

Thank you to all of my readers and podcast listeners who have taken the time to write in and comment saying how much I've inspired you or taken you on the right path for success. I've now met over 50 people in person who have a full time online income from something I've recommended on my blog or podcast, whether it be dropshipping, affiliate income, selling on ebay, Amazon FBAkindle publishing, or something else.  

I value the 50 lives I have helped change a trillion times more than one or two anonymous trolls who have a unfounded personal vendetta for me.  I feel genuine compassion for anyone who is so unhappy and unsuccessful in their own lives that they feel the need to be spiteful. I can imagine how lonely and desperate you must feel seeing other people be successful and happy when you're not. But it's time to get over it and start living your own lives. 

Become the voice you want to hear instead of trying to shut down others. 

If I wasn't so certain how much me being open helps, I would be tempted to stop openly sharing to avoid conflict. But the fact is, I've hear from and met enough of you who really genuinely benefit that I've decided that I will never stop sharing. I will never stop being successful and I will never go away. I am thankful for all of the success I have attracted into my life, as well as being able to share it with others. I am thankful for today and for the future.

May all of you have a great Thanksgiving, be thankful for the good things happening in your life, and keep working hard until you're in a position to also openly share what worked and help others as well. I sincerely appreciate all of my supportive readers, without your feedback and comments I wouldn't be where I am today or have the energy to do all that I do.

Warm Regards,


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  1. Eish Johnny!
    You know what? I wasn't going to share this , but I found myself wondering what good I could add here, given the above I just read.
    Iv'e always been super cautious by nature and I was going to keep this to myself until I was sure it was going to work out and I had a few months of solid profit behind me. Anyway here is my 2 cents. As you know from my frequent comments, I am one of your more happy stalkers ;-) and even though my life has been in the crapper for the last 5 years I now have a bit of hope, thanks to your blog , your earnestness and open attitude.
    As you know, I found David Vu's course through your site and have now made my first sale!
    There it is. Thank you so much Johnny!!!!!!!!!
    I believe you were meant to do this blog and that your on the right path, because helping people is your thing and you should be compensated for that,no doubt !
    Thanks to you I can say for the first time in years... I have hope and a strong sense of direction ! cheers mate.

    1. Hey Clinton, i'm so glad to have people like you who openly comment and keep me updated with your success. I'm sure there are other readers who have benefited from me sharing, but when I actually hear it, it reaffirms me that everything I do and everything I go through makes it worth it.

      I've said this outloud but the thing I enjoy most in life is public speaking and it gives me more pleasure to help others succeed than even helping myself. My goal in the next 3 years is to be successful enough myself personally to become a millionaire, sell all of my businesses, then just focus on public speaking and helping others as that's what I'm really passionate about and feel like is my calling.

      I'm so so glad you've already made your first sale with David's course and that I'm the one to introduce you to it! It makes me so happy to hear I've helped you find your direction and now you have a clear path in life. Keep me updated and thanks for being one of my good stalkers. =)

  2. I'm really sorry you are going through this and wish you the best in getting through it.

    I'm sure that for every deluded, unhappy person like this who might try to make your life difficult there are thousands or tens of thousands who are grateful for what you do and only wish you well.

    I suspect you don't even know your true reach. I'm basically a lurker (we've never had direct contact) but I read the blog and listen to the podcasts regularly. Even though my lifestyle is presently worlds apart (I've been living in NYC the past 8 years) your blog and podcast have done tons to broaden my horizons and thinking.

    Thanks for all of that and I'm sorry you're going through this.

    1. It's crazy to even think how many people listen or read without ever commenting. You're right, in my mind, the only people I think of are the 50 or so people that directly reach out to me saying that I've helped them, or that they've replaced their income because of something I recomended. But I'm really glad you took the time to comment and let me know there are plenty of people like you who still appreciate what I put out there and benefit from it.

      Enjoy a slice for me next time you get one! Thanks for your support!

  3. Hi Johnny. Wow, I'm so sad to hear what you and Larissa have had to go through recently. I'm certain though that you have a huge amount of good karma with all the people you've inspired and helped to change their lives - so I'm not surprised that you have bounced back and have a plan to become even better. I am one of those people that you have helped, and your kind & generous guidance has directly improved my life massively over the last year and I'm incredibly grateful to you. Meeting you this year in Chiang Mai was just awesome, and I'm now on a one year break from my job, travelling through Asia self-funded. A-mazing! I know there are at least 50 other people like me out there so never forget that you have your own private little army of supporters around the world sending you & L positive energy & light right now. Cheers, Matt (Melbourne AU)

    1. Hey Matt, that's freaking awesome you're traveling for an entire year and are able to do it self-funded! I'm so glad to have supporters like you and I too believe in karma.

      I've never claimed to be perfect, but I think sometimes people assume that just because I'm really transparent about a lot of things that my entire life should be void of privacy including the businesses I'm just starting and aren't' ready to talk about it. My only promise to everyone is that I'll only share what works and will test it all on myself before I promote it.

      Thanks for the positive energy and light Matt!

  4. Very disappointed to hear about the dramas in your life Johnny.
    I've always found your blogs and videos to be very honest and passionate. The fact that you are putting your name and face out there says to me that you practice what you preach.
    There are scams out there... and I'd bet just about all of them don't put their face out there for everyone to see... which is more than I can say for some of the deepest, darkest trolls and bullies that roam around on the internet who are just unhappy with their own lives, or never put in the effort to be successful but seem to blame others for their own lack of intellect and business sense.
    Keep up the good work mate. I love reading and following your posts and I hope Larissa is handling everything alright.
    Thanks again from Andrew (Newcastle, Australia). P.s wish i got to meet you when i was in chiang mai last month, but i think you said you had just flown to S.A

    1. Hey Andrew, thanks for the comment. You're right, people who aren't willing to put their name and face out there and lurk in dark corners are usually just unhappy themselves and blame others for their problems.

      There have been a few people who openly criticized things I've done and because they were willing to say it from their personal account so I knew who they were I've seriously taken into consideration what they said and have learned and grown from that. Although, if those same people who have just privately messaged me, I probably would have listened to them even more.

      Anyways thanks for the warm wishes, hopefully we'll get to meet next time you're in town!

  5. Hi Johnny,

    Previously a lurker, I just felt compelled to say thank you for what you do after reading about this person who has been trying to attack you. I discovered your book a while ago, which I loved (sorry can't remember the title of the one I bought!) and have been enjoying your emails since. How open you are about your life adds a lot of value so it's sad to hear someone has used that against you.

    I had a stalker years ago who tried to get at me through every area of my life and it was a very difficult time, so I really feel for you. As a result of my past experiences I can't bring myself to reveal my identity with anything I do online, so I'm glad to hear you aren't letting it get you down.

    Anyway - thanks for sharing your life with the world, it gives me motivation and encouragement to continue trying to pursue similar streams of income - and that's in part because I identify with some of what you've written about your life and can relate to you! :)

    1. Hey thanks so much for coming out of the woodworks to leave a comment even if its anonymous. It means a lot. I'm really glad you enjoyed the book. If it was about how to live as cheap as possible it was 12 Weeks in Thailand, but if it was about setting and achieving goals it was Life Changes Quick.

      Either way glad you liked it. Keep in contact!

  6. more money more problems. I know this feel.

  7. Still I'd rather have more money than no money and no problems. =)

  8. Doesn't sound like a social justice warrior, they're a completly different (batshit crazy) kettle of fish. Just an asshole.

    Fair enough if you dislike what someone is doing to make money, but mailing your girlfriend? Dick move.

    1. You might be right. Either way, thanks for the support.

  9. Sup Johnny,

    Sad to hear people take it that far. Approaching someone's loved one to purposely cause stress or chaos because one's opinion is biased is a real dick move.
    Keep your head up, cuz hater gonna hate anyway lol.

    Anyway it might cheer you up a bit knowing we bought DSL via your aff. site ;).
    We would also love to gain access to your Udemy course that way (where do I need to mail you about verification?).

    Anyway keep grindin & talk soon!



    1. Hey DJ, thanks for the support and trust buddy! How are you liking the course so far? Since you used my link when signing up you'll automatically get access to the Jump Start a course a few days after you get forum access. Let me or Anton know if it doesn't come. See you inside the private member forums DJ!

  10. Johnny,
    Just wanted to let you I think you are an fantastic success story and seem like a very upbeat, positive guy! I heard your interview on the great podcast by James and Johnathan, The Borderless Podcast. I immediately decided to check out Travel Like a Boss. So I started from the beginning podcast and have been slowly working forward. I have found it very interesting and inspiring. You hang in there don't let the haters bring you down!
    By the way, I have decided that am heading over to Antons site as soon I as finish this post
    Best of luck

    1. Hey RB that's freaking awesome you found me though the Borderless podcast! Really glad you've been going through the Travel Like a Boss Podcast episodes from the start! See you inside Anton's course! Thanks for the warm wishes as well!

  11. I'm not really active in the comments, but felt compelled to let you know that you've got my full support!

    It's a shame a troll would rather spend their energy causing damage, let alone try to tarnish the reputation of a stellar person that positively impacts the lives of many.

    Keep at it, Johnny!

    1. Hey Nefar, dude that's so much for taking the time to actively comment on this post, it really means a lot to me! It's crazy thinking how successful this troll could have been in their own lives and business if they spent the same time and energy focused on that instead of me.

  12. YO JOHNNY FD!!

    Hey man, I wanted to say THANK YOU for inspiring me (actually even before the whole dropshipping thing) and I'm about close to completing my store. I'm wishing you all the best for your relationship, businesses, family and friends. We're all here for a short time and we need to enjoy it. Thank you and appreciate you and this blog.

    I'm in the Bay Area and if you're ever visiting home in SF, I would love to meet for 10 minutes and have a cup of teas with you.

    Have a blessed day and week,

    1. Hey David, really happy to be able to share buddy! I'll actually be in SF for a few days over Christmas. I wonder if there's enough people there to have a little get together. Maybe for dinner on Sunday Dec 27th or Mon/Tues Jan 12th before I fly back to Thailand.

  13. You've arrived Johnny. Anyone who reaches a certain level of success in a public way deals with exactly the type of things you're describing here. You've arrived, to put a positive spin on psycho boy's behaviour, trying to cause you grief. I am making money with drop shipping and have essentially become an expert in the ecomm realm after finding you in a random Chiang Mai search about a year ago.

    1. Hey Pat, really glad to hear you've doing well with dropshipping and started your journey because of finding me. I don't know if i'm arrived as that sounds like a pretty big thing, but I do understand and see the pros and cons out being out in the public. Still wouldn't trade it for anything though. Big congrats and let me know how it goes!


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