Who Wants a Clubhouse Invite? Here's an Inside Look and Review.

 I have two Clubhouse invites if anyone wants one. But before asking, here's why it's not worth your time joining. Here's how the app normally works. You beg for an invite, sign up for their wait list, or try to somehow buy on one ebay or online somewhere. Once you get in, you feel like you're special or part of the cool crowd. 

The biggest problem with Clubhouse is that it's designed in a way where even if someone with expertize or experience in a topic joins, they have no voice unless they first go through a sort of sorority like pledge week where they have to kiss ass for a while before being able to participate. That means anyone who values their time and isn't trying to be cool, brag or sell you something, will just leave without wasting their time going through the pledge process. 

clubhouse invite

So how does it work? 

Well, once you get in, you should follow a bunch of people on there who are bragging about how smart or rich they are, while throwing in "I'm here to serve" at the end so they sound grateful. 

Then try to get enough people to follow you back so you can then become a "speaker" or host your own clubhouse, so you can be on the mic to brag to everyone about how smart or rich you are (even if you're neither). 

Clubhouse App Review

Every time I log into Clubhouse i'm reminded why I left America, especially big cities like SF, LA, and NY. 

It's filled with pretentious people who spend more time making up fancy titles for themselves, and brag about who they know, the deals they're working on, etc. 

Here's the biggest problem with Clubhouse. It's a platform where you get a bunch of fluff and BS motivation. Most "speakers" have the mic for 30 seconds or so before passing the mic, which means it's just enough time to pitch a quick few one liners and fluff pieces without ever having to get into anything deep.

People are asking for advice on how to start an Ecommerce business, and even before asking them any of their background, what they're good at, how they can create or add real value, they just spit out a piece of generic advice that sounds good but won't help anyone.

The biggest problem with Clubhouse is that it's not what you know, or what you've achieved, it's simply how many followers you can rack up and who else you know on the platform. 

To get followers you just simply start following a lot of other people and kiss a lot of ass. 

Then once you get the mic, or create your profile, you want to exaggerate and make it sound like you're better than you are. 

Out of the 40 speakers in the "Ask a Millionaire a Question" chat as an example, the majority of them have nothing but debt and there's a big possibility that none of them are actually net worth millionaires. And even if a few of them are, their 30 second pitches aren't going to actually be of any good advice to you as it's just fluff and they don't have the time to actually get to know you or your situation. 

Final Thoughts on Clubhouse


It's just hype for the kids who peaked in High School and still want to be part of the cool crowd. It's like joining a sorority or fraternity full of fake ass people who all want to appear cool. 

You don't need an invite to Clubhouse to be cool, or part of the "in crowd." Don't waste your time. I wish I never wasted mine.

If you want to learn something, watch it on Youtube. 


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