Cost of a 1-Bedroom Apartment with Kitchen in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I never got around to editing or posting this video, but this is the apartment I lived the first month I got back to Chiang Mai.  As some of you know,  I was living on a tight budget last year and living in a $150 a month Thai style apartment.  Since my eCommerce store was doing well I decided to splurge a bit and live somewhere a bit nicer during this trip.

I wanted a place with a separate living room so I could have friends over, and I definitely wanted a place with a pool.  I figured 20,000 baht a month was a bit crazy to pay since you can get a place for 1/3 of that price in Chiang Mai but in reality it was only really $667 a month which would only get you a tiny unfurnished studio apartment in the U.S. or a basic place with roommates. 

Here's the video tour of my 1 bedroom apartment in Chiang Mai:

As you can see it's not really an apartment but more of a hotel suite.  I enjoyed having my room cleaned and new towels all of the time, plus having breakfast included if I wanted it, but after a month of living there, I realized it was kind of a waste.  I was seldom home and unlike being back in the U.S. I never found myself on the couch watching TV.  

I also hardly ever cooked because it's so cheap and delicious to eat out.  But I wanted to post this video up because a lot of couples, especially with children ask how much it costs to live in a place with a kitchen and if any places have a bathtub.  This place had both and even though it's very expensive for Chiang Mai, it's still relatively cheap compared to an apartment in the U.S.  

So instead of spending $280 a night renting a suite at The Standard Hotel in Los Angles, you can live in an equivalent room for an entire month at the cost of three nights.

Who should live in a hotel suite:

If you're a couple or are always going to have friends over.
If you want to splurge and really enjoy the best Chiang Mai has to offer.
If you're willing to spend the same amount you would have for a studio back at home.
If you work at home and want a separate room from where you sleep.
If you want to give yourself incentive to work harder and build your business even more.

Who shouldn't live in a hotel suite:

Don't live here if you're living off of savings and aren't making online income.
Don't live here if you're bootstrapping your business and trying to make it profitable.
Don't live here if you're never home and only go there to sleep.
Don't live here if you're on a budget.
Don't live here if you care about getting the best value for you money.

There we have it.  This website for this boutique hotel apartment is The Opium Chiang Mai.  The tour of the video above is the 1-bedroom grand suite for 20,000 baht a month ($667US), but I've also stayed in the Studio room for 12,500 baht ($417US) a month.  Don't expect them to have monthly rooms available as they are a small boutique hotel and get filled up fast.  But if you search for "Chiang Mai Serviced Apartments" or just show up and walk around you'll find a ton of places like this.  

The best values are ones 10 minutes outside of the city, you can get a place like this for half of the cost sometimes, but at the same time, this blog isn't for people looking for the best value in life.  My book 12 Weeks in Thailand was written for living in Thailand for as cheap as possible.  It was a fun 4-years of my life, but I'm happy to say that as of this year, I'm focusing on living the good life while making a lot of money with my online businesses and not worrying about trying to live as cheap as possible, it's time to live as good as possible.

Best of luck to everyone no matter where you are in your current entrepreneurial journey,

Warm Regards,


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  1. Really inspiring, cool stuff. I've been in dropshipping/ecommerce for about a year and a half. Your blogs and videos have really inspired me to get off my ass and continue building my business more and more so that I can be location independent like you.

    I actually bought Anton's course because of you even though I have some experience in dropshipping. My current goal is to net six figures per year and once I do that, I will see you in Chiang Mai!

    1. Hey Chris, i'm glad these videos inspired you to work on your business. It's crazy when you think about how much you're paying for rent back home and where you can live for 1/3 of the price once your work is location independent. Best of luck hitting that six figure goal and hope to meet you out here in Chiang Mai one day soon.

  2. Johnny,

    Your progress is amazing! Do people day trade in Chiang Mai?

    Hope to see you @ CM soon.


    1. Hey Dan, there was one guy here I met that was day trading and seemed pretty successful. He offered to teach it to me but I told him it wasn't my thing. Other than him, not sure about how the time difference would affect it.

  3. Hey Johnny,
    I remember your video from last year where you showed us your apartment that was $200 a month.

    I've arrived in Chiang Mai now, could you tell me thw name or address of this place?

    Cheers, Ron

    1. Hey Ron, $200 per month is 6,000 baht which is pretty much any thai style apartment in Chiang Mai. Prices range from 4,000 baht - 6,000 baht for basic rooms. The problem with this price range is none of them have websites or english names. I would suggest you go to the neighborhood you want, and start walking around at every Thai looking apartment building. The one I was at was on the small street behind Punspace, my coworking space, but there are literally hundreds of places.

  4. Johnny,
    I just watched your video on this (in YouTube), and it really is a beautiful place. Sure was awesome hanging out with you at the Dropshipping Retreat!

  5. Hey Robb, fantastic meeting you at the retreat as well! Hope all is going well!


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