The Kickass Life Podcast by David Wood from the Empower Network plus other Make Money Online Scams.

As a podcast host, people are always surprised when I don't know anything about "my competition." Aside from a few really good podcasts that I listen to regularly I don't listen to any other online business, entrepreneur or marketing podcasts.  But being open minded, I thought hey why not give it a shot?  I took a look at iTunes top Business podcasts and thought "The Kickass Life Podcast" okay that sounds legit...I was wrong. By the way, this is just my personal opinion and I may be completely wrong.

The Kickass Life Podcast by David Wood
From the first minute of the podcast, something sounded fishy. I had never heard of David Wood before this or the Kickass Life podcast, but the way he was talking made me not trust him.  He sounded disingenuous and gave me a weird vibe.

I listened for a few more minutes of him describing his big three story house that he owns and how good his life is and thought to myself, "What is this guy selling?"

I decided at that very moment, I hope to God people don't think I sound like this doofus and it got me thinking.

Living the Great Life

It often sounds like I'm pitching this amazing life of being location independent, traveling the world, making a lot of money online and escaping the 9-5.  I am.  Ever since quit my normal job and started my journey into the 4-hour workweek, it's been incredible and I talk about it a lot.  I talk about it on my blogs, on my podcast, in my book, but I also talk about it to my friends and my family.

Here's another photo of my with a coconut in hand enjoying the lifestyle on the beach.  Yes I am selling you the lifestyle and have been trying my damndest to get my friends to move out here.

I think that's the difference.  Everything I've ever recommended to strangers on the internet, I've also recommended to my closest friends and to my family.  Anytime I recommend a book, such as "The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris" I use my affiliate link so I can get credit for it.  If you buy Tim's book through my link, I get credit for it.  I've gotten hundreds of dollars over the years in amazon credit from the referrals I've made on my blogs and through my podcast.

Unusually large payment I got from Amazon, but hey I ain't complaining!

The difference I think and what lets me sleep at night is knowing that everything I recommend I've both used myself and was actually successful with it myself.  I've made hundreds of dollars recommending Anton's Method but I've made ten's of thousands of dollars from actually following his course and setting up my eCommerce store.  I also get 20% a month of whatever you pay Shopify for the rest of my life but guess what?  If you cancel your account after the free trial runs out because you're not making any money with your store, I get nothing.  The reason why I love it when people use my Shopify link is if you end up creating a successful business you'll keep paying them for the next seven years, which means I'll keep getting credit for the next seven years too.  It's truly a win/win situation.

The Empower Network Scam:
*Note this and everything on my blog is just my PERSONAL Opinion. I could be wrong.
David Wood - Empower Network - The Kickass Life Podcast

A few minutes into the podcast, I heard David Wood mention something about how great network marketing is, and how you should harness the power of network marketing.  He said he wasn't going to name any specific companies but there was one in particular that he recommended.  Guess which company that turned out to be?  The Empower Network.

Edit: Oops, turns out there are two different David Woods.  It was easy to confuse as both are Multi Level Marketing guys.  Kick Ass Life David Woods runs the Amplified Network Marketing ( and David Wood that runs The Empower Network (  I do not recommend either nor do I recommend any Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing companies.

How do people not know it's a Pyramid Scheme/Scam? 

It was super obvious to me, but then again, I understand internet marketing.  Here's why it's a scam. You pay $25 a MONTH for a blog.  A basic website shouldn't cost you more than $5 a month and blogs are free.  If you want to start a blog, use which is what this website is hosted on.  It's made by Google, and it's free.  It's not the best blog in the world, but it works. 

The real scam begins by paying $100 a month you can start selling empowerment network memberships and join their pyramid scheme.  If you pay $500-$995 you get access to videos and more training.  Then to top that off for $3,500 you get something with a workbook!  The problem with this and every other multi level marketing scam out there is that the product itself sucks, is unnecessary, overpriced or flat out doesn't exist.  The only thing people are making money from is selling the memberships itself.  

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion based on my experience and others saying that Empower Network is a scam.

The Travel Like a Boss Podcast Promise.

Every guest I interview on the Travel Like a Boss podcast actually makes money selling real legitimate products or services online.  

Since 99% of my guests are sitting next to me when I interview them, I know they actually live a location independent lifestyle since most episodes are recorded live while traveling.  

The podcast will always be free, and any links or recommendations in it are things that we personally use and believe in.

Other legitimate Podcasts:

Formally known as the Lifestyle Business Podcast, the hosts, Dan & Ian are legit.  They run real online businesses and are one of the big inspirations for my own business as well as my podcast.  

They talk a little less about traveling and lifestyle, and more on advanced scalable big businesses.  They've been around for a while and unlike the Travel Like a Boss Podcast which is mainly geared towards people just starting out, these guys are serious business.

Justin and Joe from the Empire Flippers Podcast are also a great listen.  Their actual business itself is a little bit less white knight as they build niche websites that make money through adsense.  But they also have an online marketplace for people to buy and sell websites.  Overall, they are good guys and honest about what they do, plus they're an entertaining listen.

So if you're interested in what life is like having a real company with employees and living in the Philippines.  These guys are it.

Although Terry's not successful as of yet with his own eCommerce store, that's the beauty of his podcast.  He openly talks about the process of manufacturing his own product, and has you follow along week by week as he gets closer to his sales goals.  

I really enjoy listening to some of Terry's interviews as he has successful online eCommerce store owners on as guests every week. You can listen to Build My Online Store - Episode 72 where he had me on as a guest.

Best of luck to Terry and his eCommerce store:

That's it for now guys, 

Sorry for a bit of a rant.  I normally don't like calling people out on stuff online, but the fact that The Kickass Life Podcast is on the top of the search results for business podcast really worries me.  Literally hundreds of thousands of people are downloading David Wood's podcast, listening to dreams of how great it would be to quit your job and own your own business, only to be scammed into joining the Empower Network.  Don't let it be you, check out any or all of the podcasts above for real, legit online business advice.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD - Follow me to keep in touch

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  1. Good stuff Johnny. I feel the same way too about promoting stuff too. I would only do what I believe in. I could NEVER sell something that's useless just because it sounds sexy and people would buy it. I don't care how big the paycheck would be because it would be a mark on my conscious that would never go away.

    I remember hearing a story (allegedly of course) about the Master Blaster. A guy I knew who was the manager of a GNC told me he met one of the former Mr. Olympias Frank Zane. He and Frank were talking about how, during the supplement craze of the 90s, Joe Weider's supplements sucked ass. I could tell just by looking at them, and one of my roommates bought some protein powder and said it tasted like chalk. Frank talked about it with Joe one time and asked him, "Joe, with the fame and push you have in the fitness industry, don't you think you can put out a product that doesn't suck?" Joe's reply was, "Why should I? I make 3 Million on my supplement products last year."

    Sad thing when people promote worthless shit. You're the man dude!

    1. Hey Matthew, that's a great story about the supplements, look at Weider Supplements now, no one takes them. If he would have been less greedy, he would have made a quality product at a slightly lower margin, or just raised the price to support it, either way, he would still be making money today and growing his business instead of watching it slip away. Companies like Optimum Nutrition who actually make quality protein and supplements are taking over market share and becoming the go to brand regardless of price because it is trusted. The problem with greed is that it blinds people into only thinking short term instead of building a real sustainable business.

      Hopefully with the rise of information being spread easier and easier, companies will start thinking about making the best, instead of just cashing in.

  2. Hey Johnny - nice post and thank you for including us!

    Totally agree with you regarding MLM's and the Empower network. We're not fans...

    1. Hey no worries Justin, thanks for putting on a great podcast. Empire Flippers continues to be both entertaining and informative.


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