Cost of Renting a House in Chiang Mai, Thailand

What if I told you that you could rent a fully furnished 14 bedroom Mansion with a Private pool and 14 bathrooms for a little over $2,000 US per month?  Or would you be more interested in being able to rent a house for under $200?  Either way, if you need the room or want the space, Chiang Mai has options for you.

First let's take a look at the 14 Bedroom House.


It's a about 5km away from the city which is 3 miles, which actually isn't too bad.  I was expecting a house like this to be in the middle of no where.  The problem with living outside of the city however, is you'll have to drive anywhere you want to go, even just to eat.  

But if you're living at this place, just get a maid, preferably one that cooks.

Cost Breakdown:

Technically you could get 13 friends and each pay $150US each for the place, but realistically you wouldn't want that many roommates.  However, wouldn't it be cool to have all of your friends chip in $150 a month and just have it as a vacation home for when they do want to come to Thailand?  It's a heck of a lot cheaper than getting a timeshare and you can come whenever you want.  Plus it would be cool to tell your friends in New York you have a 14 bedroom mansion you keep year round.

Let's take a look at the cheap houses:

The search criteria I used was within 3km of the city and furnished.  These places are all relatively close by and have most of the furniture you would need, including a bed, sofa and kitchen.  However, it's still easier to live in a furnished apartment.

The reason why I wanted to show these is that for the same price as having a small hotel room for the month, you can have a 3 bedroom house.  If you are a couple, family or just want the space, renting a house is a good option. But for me personally, I like the flexibility of living in a serviced room in the heart of the city.

Either way, enjoy your time out in Chiang Mai.  There are tons of great deals to be found.  A good place to browse for houses in Chiang Mai online is  If you are looking for Serviced Apartments I would just google "Serviced Apartments Chiang Mai."  For cheap apartments under $250US a month, you'll have to show up and walk around as most of those places don't have a website or speak English.  

Looking for the 14 Bedroom house?  Click here

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  1. Great info! Those are really good prices. Chiang Mai seems to be a rather large town - Do you use agents or just contact the property owners directly? Does Craiglist works outthere?
    Thanks Johnny.

    1. Hey Frank, I haven't rented a house in Chiang Mai, just hotels and apartments. But I would check out: to rent out a house.

  2. There are definitely some great deals to be found in Chiang Mai. This combined with a very livable city has made Chiang Mai a top choice for digital nomads from around the world!
    Another good site is

  3. There are definitely some money saving offers to be discovered in Chiang Mai. This along with a very livable town has created Chiang Mai a top option for digital

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