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I just ordered 4 bottles of Bulletproof MCT Oil.  What is it and why did I buy it?  MCT Oil is a part of Bulletproof coffee.  It's basically a stronger version of coconut oil.  Does it work?  Yes.  I think it does. It takes a few weeks to ramp up to as you have to get your stomach used to it, but now I use a full capful with my bulletproof coffee every morning.  I haven't been using the Upgraded beans as I'm living in Thailand and have been just using the local organic beans from Akha Ama but I have been using Angkor Grassfed Butter from New Zealand and Upgraded MCT oil from the Bulletproof Executive store.

The other brand that Dave Asprey had personally recommended before making his own line was Dr. Bernd Friedlander's MCT Oil on Amazon.  However the Upgraded stuff is actually cheaper so you might as well just order from Upgraded Self which is Dave Asprey's official webstore for the bulletproof diet and coffee. 

I used coupon code: UPGRADED1310 to save 10% at
If that doesn't work, try using coupon code REDBAR


Dave just made me my own coupon code JOHNNYFD which also gives you 10% off. I don't get any credit or commission for you using my code, but he said I could use it for myself or share it. =)

I don't mess around with other MCT oils from NOW or any other brand as those are made from GMO Corn.  Also since I've had so much success with the Bulletproof diet, I figure I might as well support Dave and the company as they've given me so much.  Ever since I've started the bulletproof diet and started replacing my breakfast with bulletproof coffee, I've gotten these results:
  • Lost a TON of Body Fat
  • Gained a TON of Energy
  • Mental Focus and Clarity
  • Slow Drip Caffeine Release
  • Overall Happier and Healthier

If you're curious what Bulletproof Coffee is.  You can read all about it here.  

Big shout out to Dave for helping guide me towards a better diet, and a better body.  Six pack coming soon to a summer near you!

Warm Regards,


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  1. When you say stomach needs to get used to it, what happens? Do you run to the toilet a lot?

    1. If you start with a full dose of MCT oil you will have upset stomach/diarrhea. I recommend starting by using a small teaspoon with food the first couple days, then add a small teaspoon to your bulletproof coffee, and slowly over the next 2 weeks adding more. The good news is once you've established yourself, as long as you don't go too many weeks without using it, you can use entire capfuls in your coffee without issue.

  2. Watched the video, read the reviews, and ordered some through your link!
    Curious, have you tried the Brain Octane oil? If so, how does it compare to the MCT oil?

    1. Hey Nate, glad you liked the MCT oil enough to try it out, it's been great for me and this is my 6th bottle now that I am buying. Thanks for using my link as well bud. I haven't tried the Brain Octane oil, supposedly it's even more concentrated for the parts that give you mental focus, but I don't bother with it as the MCT oil is well rounded for mental as well as physical benefits and it's cheaper.

  3. If you must use MCT Oil, you should just get the Now MCT Oil. Dave knocks the other brands saying it is less than 100% pure, but Now MCT Oil is manufactured in a GMP facility so it's made to an even higher standard than his brand and under better quality control which is regulated (usually by FDA). Also it's 1/2 the price. I know you listen to JRE, so you should check out episode #459 with Dr Rhonda Patrick where she talks about MCT Oil and Bulletproof Coffee (Dave's brand). And coconut oil is 60% MCT, so when Dave says it is 6x more potent than coconut oil, I am not sure if he is doing his math properly.

    1. I switched from NOW to the Upgraded stuff after reading the review on Amazon that Dave Asprey wrote:

      "This stuff is very different than normal MCT oil you can buy from Twinlab or Now. There are 4 lengths of medium chain fats, so most MCT contains all 4 because it's cheaper (but less effective) that way. This is the only brand of MCT I could find that contains just the two most active fatty acid lengths, capric & caprylic. Those are the ones that cause weight loss and are most antifungal.

      In addition, this oil is coconut based, NOT made from genetically engineered corn oil (some MCT oil is now corn based).

      It also has no other flavorings, colors, or additives. It has no flavor whatsoever, so it is useful in dishes where I want the flavor to come through without the taste of grass-fed butter or full coconut oil. I can't imagine eating a sushi roll without sprinkling MCT oil on it. Not only does the MCT blunt the effects of the carbs in the rice, it brings out the flavor of the fish in an amazing way, and leaves me feeling satisfied on much less.

      I also use it with eggs to make fresh mayo with a handblender. It tastes MUCH better than olive oil based mayo but is much healthier than soy or canola oils, which I wouldn't recommend eating because of their inflammatory effects.

      Finally, I make Bulletproof Coffee using this brand of MCT plus Kerry Gold grass-fed butter (unsalted) and a handblender. It's amazing and keeps me full for 6 hours, plus I lose weight!"

  4. Hey Jonny

    Have you found anywhere in Thailand to buy Bulletproof or are you still ordering from USA?


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