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You have exactly twelve days to sign up for this if you want to come.  I live in Chiang Mai and see Anton all of the time and still got super excited when I saw the official announcement.  If you have been even thinking about starting an online business, especially a dropshipping based eCommerce store this is the time to start as it almost guarantees that you'll be successful with it.

What is the Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat?

The guys over at want you to be successful and want you to experience what it's like living as a digital nomad and having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.  Anton wants to introduce you to his entire network of entrepreneurs and help you with your business.  He wants to show you how amazing life in Thailand could be.  Best of all, he's doing this from the bottom of his heart and is doing it for absolutely free.

Video is private and for members only.
What is included?

Anton is forking up the cash to rent out either a 10 Bedroom Villa or a huge Hotel Venue depending on how many people sign up and attend.  Depending on how many people come, it'll either be set up for a small or large group.

FREE Luxury Villa.  Stay in a big ass house with Anton, myself and  all of the other entrepreneurs who attend.
FREE Co-working Space.  Anton is renting a hotel venue to accommodate everyone if it ends up being a big group. Either way we'll have desks, fast internet and enough room for everyone to work on their sites.
FREE Expert Help. Anton is asking his ecommerce, design and web friends to come help everyone out, give advice, and talks to help you with your business.
FREE Excursions.  While you're there, there will also be fun activities planned including waterfall trips, infinity pools, and if you want to stay for the island trip, you are welcome to join as well.

Just pay for your own expenses, travel and food.

Who's coming?

Anton, the creator of the Dropshipping Course will be there.  I'll be there.  A bunch of other entrepreneur friends will be there.  A bunch of other course members will be there, and hopefully you'll be there as well.

Some of the current members who said they are coming!
Why is this awesome?

Besides having a chance to visit Thailand, which is already awesome, you get to be surrounded by other successful online entrepreneurs as well as other course members who are just starting out. Everyone is going to be open and willing to help each other succeed.

Some members will be coming to the retreat and moving out to Chiang Mai permanently and others will go back home with a new ideas, motivation and a more profitable store.

Why is Anton doing this?

There are other retreats like this that charge between $2,500 - $7,000 for people to attend.  Anton didn't want to make money from this.  If anything, he is actually losing money on this.  He'll either be renting a huge villa, a hotel venue or both depending on how many people show up.  The members he is inviting already paid for the course.  So why is he doing this?  No idea.  I honestly think he's doing it just because he wants people to succeed, stay motivated and get a taste of the lifestyle that it took him 8 years to find himself.

dropship lifestyle
More members from the member's forum that are coming.

The Costs of Attending.

You'll need to pay for your own travel expenses, so depending on where you live, flights can range from $600 - $1,500 to Thailand.  I would suggest you make a trip out of it and stay for a few weeks afterwards at the minimum.  You you want to know how I managed to live in Thailand for $600 a month for four years read my book 12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap.

Hotel will either be paid for if it is a small group as you can stay in the villa for free with Anton and myself, or if the group gets too big, you can get a hotel room for as little as $15 a night near the venue. Details will be announced closer to the event date.

Food is super cheap.  We'll probably go to a few nice dinners which will cost between $10-$18 but the majority of the meals will be between $2-$5US.

How You Can Attend:

The Dropship Lifestyle Retreat is for member's of Anton's course only, so if you already a member, just log into the member forums and you'll see a signup link.  Sign ups for open for the next 14 days and will be free.  After that the cost to attend will be $400.

If you aren't a member of the course yet, sign up at to become a member today.

drop ship lifestyle retreat

When, Where, How:

The retreat itself will be October 7th-10th, 2014 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Most people will come at least a few days early just to adjust and settle in, and some members will stay for a week or more afterwards to relax and sightsee.

Signups for the free retreat close 14 days from today, so if you aren't a member yet, it's a great time to sign up as it gives you four months to follow the course, set up your store, start making sales, and learn on your own before attending.  Having a goal and a timeline is a sure fire way to become successful. Think of this as the ultimate motivation to start.

I hope to see everyone there and look forward to meeting you all in person.

More Resources:

Listen to Anton brainstorm and come up with the idea of the retreat here: Episode 28
Sign up to become a member here:

Warm Regards,


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! The registrations are coming in fast and I know this event is going to be epic :)

    Regarding why it's free; I started DSL to help other people create lifestyle businesses. The goal has never been to turn this into my main source of income by upselling customers every chance I get and the retreat of just an extension of ways that I can offer massive value to course members.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

    1. Why he's doing this? Simple. Because he wants more people to sign up and therefore earn more money. Am I the only person seeing through this BS? There is no free lunch people. Don't get sucked in by these get rich quick scam. Many out there.

    2. Man, I have to disagree. His course is not much & worth it. Also he doesn't nick & dime and the cross promotion (of what few add-ons exist) is barely there. To say Anton 'soft sells' is an understatement. Everybody else would be charging $$$$ for this event and the course is only $$$ and you (duh) get the course. Disclaimer - NONE: I paid full price for the course and have zero stake in Anton and Johnny (never even met them). These are just my observations as a customer.

    3. Hey LGallion,

      Thanks for taking the time to write up something nice about Anton's course. I'm glad you are finding a lot of value in it, and I agree as well, anyone else would charge $1,000 for an event like this and $2k for the course itself. Hope to see you out at the retreat and meet you in person.

    4. Hey LGallion,

      I'm glad you see the value :) I don't know if you saw my post on our forum but one of my friends is going to be giving a presentation on conversion optimization and split testing for Shopify and then he will be working with us one on one to implement the techniques on our own stores.... now I wish I didn't book this thing so far out because I am excited and I hate waiting!

    5. Anton, I am super pumped about the split test and optimization training - any of the more advanced stuff (like SEO) I am itching to learn more on. Not only is this a great learning experience, just getting together with like minded folks is a huge motivational boost for me. Already hired 2nd VA after signing up because the event is motivating me to get back on my timeline. Finally I know organizing something like this a bunch of work so thanks for doing it for the guys & girls in the course.

  2. Man... I think this is going to be what motivates me to signup for the course, get started and meet you guys out there!

    Johnny the link you are using "" is not working. I know the site is but what is your affiliate link?

    1. Hey Adam, it would be awesome to meet you out there and this gives you four months head start to get started. If you want to give me credit when signing up, I appreciate it and you can use the link at: - Anytime you sign up for the course or anything else I recomend by clicking through my site it'll know it came from me and will give me credit. So thanks!

  3. Yo Johnny,

    You know I gotta get my picture with the tiger and all— but if I get signed-up w/ AntonMethod, is there anyway that you guys are considering offering up a video-stream via private google hang-out, for members? (Rather be there, for sure.)



    1. Hey Robb, you got four months to figure things out and try to make a trip out to Chiang Mai. If not, I'm sure Anton would consider either recording the talks or offer a live stream, that sounds like a good idea for the members who can't make it.

    2. Hey Robb, I was thinking about this and I don't know if there will be a video stream but at the very least I will bring out a camera crew to record this and then share it in my members area :)

  4. Hey Johnny/Anton so i will be signing up for the course and registering in the next couple of days. I'm just a little concerned because I feel that the group will end up being large and ill have to pay for the hotel. I understand that this is actually the normal thing to do and its only out of your generosity that i might not have to pay. I'm only concerned because after I pay for the course and then buy the plane ticket, I will be left with very little money and possibly not able to afford those dinners/a hotel everynight. Though I will be working over these next few months, i still have expenses that will use up most of what i make, unfortunately. It will basically be putting me in the same position you started in Johnny, making this work as a necessity for cash. I plan on taking the gamble that i will have some income from my site, atleast enough to make things all work out in Thailand, by the time of the trip.

    Thanks guys and awesome podcast johnny. I appreciate all the knowledge you guys are sharing, I really look up to you two.

    1. Hey Jonathan, what's up buddy. I'm glad you are taking the plunge and signing up for the course and coming out to Thailand. It looks like for sure the group is going to be 20+ people so it'll have to be a hotel but honestly, don't stress about it. You can literally find rooms here for $5 a night and just come hang out and eat $2 Thai food. But what I would personally do is have that as a backup plan and focus on using these next 4 months to:

      1. Save up as much money as you can but focusing on what is important and not spending money on things like alcohol, netflix, clothes, etc etc.

      2. Spend the next 4 months building your business so it is extra income. There is no reason why you can't make at least $1,000 a month in extra income by the time you come out here in October if you sign up for Anton's course now.

      You are in the same mindset as I was when I started a year ago, trust me, just let go and relax. Don't stress about money, as soon as you start setting goals and working towards them, you'll realize how obtainable it is, especially with a 4 month head start. Best of luck.

    2. Yeah i think im actually in a pretty decent situation. Im still young and live with my mom who is super helpful and supportive. My only expenses are a car payment and gas..literally. I already don't spend money on anything else.

      What exactly did you mean by have "that" as a backup plan?

    3. Backup Plan - Coming on a super tight budget. $5 hotel room. $2 meals.
      Best Plan - Work on your business these next 4 months and have enough income to Travel Like a Boss when you get here.

    4. The best plan is the plan. I wouldn't wanna be missing out on things while there because I slacked off in these next 4 months.

      Thanks Johnny, Ill most likely be seeing you in the forum soon!

  5. Hi there, I will be around Thailand by then. And starting my adventure to stay there, and work on my online business.
    So I would like to join the retreat. And I have a question... Do I have to join the course right now in order to go to the retreat by then? What are the appropriate dates for this?

    Thanks :)


    1. Hey Daniel, glad to hear you are making a trip out to Thailand. I think you can join the retreat anytime but it's only free for members who sign up on or before May 7th.

    2. Hi Johnny. Thanks for the info! I've just signed up for the whole package. I'm ALL in! I hope to see you at the retreat in Thailand.. Super excited!!!!

    3. Hey Daniel, glad to see you on board and looking forward to meeting you at the retreat in Thailand!

    4. By the way, for people asking. is working again <~Use that link if you are going to sign up.

  6. Thanks for the information! I really appreciate what you're doing on this website and your podcast. I really enjoy the information and it's helping me getting ready for Thailand.
    I noticed on your podcast you're coming to Europe. If you ever need a place to stay in The Netherlands, as long I'm here... just let me know!

    1. Hey Daniel, glad you've been enjoying the blog and the podcast! I'll keep you in mind if I'm ever in Holland. Enjoy Thailand when you get here!

  7. Hi Johnny, I'm trying to register me for the retreat in Chiang Mai. But when I'm on the page it says it's 297 dollars.. While I'm registered before May 7th, like you said above, it would be free for them. Is there any way you could help me with this?

    1. Hey Daniel, todays date is May 15th. The signs ups were only free until May 7th. The price is currently $297 and will go up as it gets closer to the event to deter people from signing up last minute, as it messes up logistics and the venue rentals.

  8. Wish I could be there, but the airfare is just too much. Maybe next time. =/

  9. No worries, this just gives more motivation to work on your store, get it profitable and come out in 2015!

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