Johnny's income report for September 2014

Here's this month's income report!  At first I dreaded writing them, felt like a douche, and thought it was a waste of time.  But I've realized how important they are for my own accounting to know exactly how much I'm making from what channels and I've gotten so many thank you messages and positive comments from people just starting out who use this as both an inspiration as well as a guide to making money with an online business.

So here is my income report from the last 30 days, plus my future plans for the next month.

income report

September was a bit of a crazy month.  I launched the new book, focused on marketing our Udemy course and have been apartment hunting with Larissa.  My dropshipping stores got put on the backburner and my google ads weren't running for half of the month.

I spent most of the month in Chiang Mai, but took a short mini vacation to Chiang Dao over one of the weekends to clear my mind and get away with my girlfriend.  This was also the first month that Larissa quit her job and started working with me.  Here's a breakdown of everything.

Udemy Course Success:

Yay. This was the project that Larissa and I have been working on during our saturdays for the past couple of months.  It went live last month but we didn't actually "launch" it until this month.  So the good news is we went from $75 in profit to $723 which is great.

However, since there are two of us working on it, the split is actually $361.50 each take home.  Still a great semi-passive source of income, but still not able to cover our living expenses.

If you're curious to check out our course:

Go to: and get 80% off the course. Feel free to share the link if you have any friends who would benefit from it.

udemy profit

Book Sales:

In the past I've made around $150-$200 a month from sales of my first book, 12 Weeks in Thailand. I also launched my second book this month but when I first started writing Life Changes Quick I didn't actually think of it as a revenue stream, I just really wanted to put out my story of how I finally figured it out and how it really only took one year to basically get everything I've ever wanted in life after I figured out the formula. As a bonus the book surprisingly has been making a good amount of money.

These are combined sales for both books.  I also made about $10 from paperbacks that I didn't count.

amazon book sales
Amazon Kindle Sales

PDF Sales through E-Junkie

In total I made around $1,000 from book sales this month, hopefully that will continue to trend, but i'm sure a major part of it was because of the hype of the initial launch.  I've also donated a significant part of the profit to my elementary school through and have emailed my old high school to see how I can donate to the wrestling program as well.

Other Affiliate Income:

I also make money anytime someone signs up for something in my Recommended Resources page.  I only list things on there that I currently use myself and would recommend to my friends and family as well, so if you do end up signing up for any of the programs listed, please remember to use my links so I can get credit for referring you.  You even get a discount on certain things by using my recomend such as 20% off Shopify for life!  =)

I also made $40 this month from the advertising on my YouTube channel, $62.21 from adsense on some of my other blogs such as

I love making a side income from my blog, the podcast, the Optimize Like a Boss training course, and everything else, but I never count it as it's more of a rainy day fund than what my core focuses are.  But every month it still adds up to being a decent amount of side cash.  

My Dropshipping Stores:

This month I kind of dropped the ball on my dropshipping stores and I was so busy focusing on launching my new book and launching the Udemy course with Larissa.  The great news is however I realized that even doing zero work and letting it sit, and even having my paid ads turned off, I still make $20,000 worth of sales in my main store this month.  

Most of the sales came from repeat customers, facebook, organic search, and referrals. 

Now that I'm back on track and focusing again on my store, I'm going to try to grow my revenue for it again this month.  Even though I'm making pretty decent money with my other sources of income and really enjoy working on other projects, my eCommerce store has still been my primary source of income since day one.

Larissa has been helping me with one of my stores which allows her to learn the backend of it, as our goal is still to start another store together in the future.


Plans for October 2014

While it is fun to recap on what I did last month, I'm really excited about what I'm planning to do for the next month.  Anton just arrived in Chiang Mai and is putting together the Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat  which is happening next week.  What he thought would be 8-10 people in a large house that he was going to rent out, turned out to be over 100 people from across the world taking over an entire hotel conference center.

The retreat is only for members of Anton's course and is designed for people who are already making sales from their dropshipping stores.  So if you haven't yet started, it's too late for this year, but I would highly encourage you to set it as a goal for next.  Also, as a bit of inside information, Anton is planning to raise the price of the course to $1,000 as he knows the retreat is going to generate a lot of hype for the course, especially since the members coming are doing so well.  If you have been on the fence of signing up, I'd go to right now and sign up.

Book Changes:  

I've finally got the new book cover designed and the paperback is ready to start shipping out so hopefully everyone who wanted to read the book but prefer physical copies over kindles will buy it.  I tried to make it easy for everyone regardless of where in the world they live and what platform they want to read it on, so it's now available on Amazon Kindle, PDF, and Paperback at 


Larissa and I finally moved in together!  Yay.  We'll do a video tour of our new apartment soon, but it's in an awesome location right in the Nimmanhemin area of Chiang Mai, which is a 5 minute walk to PunSpace and we now have a proper apartment with a kitchen, separate living room, and a pool.

Fitness Goals:

I've still been doing the Stronglifts 5x5 program and have loved it.  Ben Finnigan introduced us to it a few months ago and showed up proper squat and deadlift form.  Today Daniel Stegehuis, a trainer from Holland helped both of us fine tune our squat form to make it even better.  I've added almost 6kg of muscle from the program and finally have an ass for the first time in my life.

At our new condo's pool
Travel Plans:  

I just extended my tourist visa for another 30 days yesterday since I was at immigration yesterday all day yesterday but since Larissa's visa is up on October 26th, we're planning a vacation to Borneo for that date.  She's always wanted to see Orangutans and go scuba diving, so it's the perfect place to do both.  Now that she's no longer working a teacher and we are both location independent we can just bring out laptops and work out of the hotel room, in a coffee shop or pool side during the trip.

That's it for this month, I hope as every month passes, this income report and goals list helps encourage other people to start their own location independant businesses and become entrepreneurs. Keep in touch and see you next month.

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Warm Regards,


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  1. Hey Johnny,
    Jon here, that "Other Asian American from Hawaii". Thanks for these monthly income report. Reading it always boost my motivation through the roof to reach my goals. Happy to hear you and Larissa moving in together! You two seem perfect for each other! Have fun in Borneo while you're scuba diving "LIKE A BOSS"!!!

  2. Great post Johnny! Congrats on the move, and your continued success! You're a real inspiration. AND thank you for your support in this amazing journey buddy.

  3. What is the deadline to lock into the current rates? Thanks Johnny!

  4. Hi Johnny,

    What's are the total revenue and profit for the month??


  5. Awesome! It's even more rewarding to read these types of upbeat income reports, when the guy / gal is living just round the corner. If you guys are ever doing a Mae Sai run give me a shout and we can do coffee. 089 263 8286

  6. Hey Kirill the total revenue was about $30k and the profit this month was around $6k

  7. Hey I think it's going to be the first day of the retreat which is October 7th (Thailand time) but it could be earlier.

  8. Hey Nick, thanks for the congrats, glad to see you out in Chiang Mai!

  9. Hey Jon glad you are doing well yourself with your store and making sales!

  10. Hey Neale, thanks for the coffee offer hope you are doing well out in Mae Sai!

  11. Thanks Johnny! Could you share with us the main contributors to a $24k expense for the month?

  12. big congrats on all of your projects! thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Hey Kirill, the majority of expenses are actual product cost (70%~), credit card transaction fees (2.5%) and shipping costs.

  14. Congrats on your Udemy launch! How did you market it? Besides the blog post with a discount code for your readers, did you do anything else to get the word out there? (About to launch a course there myself, so I'm curious)

  15. so i decided to join the anton course. is there a link from you i can sign up so i can get a discount or no?

  16. congrats johnny! I'm impressed in how you pivot every once in a while and try something new like the udemy course. Seems like you're king at work life balance as well since you're having so much fun, I'm more of a mini retirement dude haha

    Stay awesome

  17. thanks for the reply

    i just sign up and im looking into niches, but alot of items are less than 200 dollars? any tips?


  18. Hey Shayna, take a listen to Ep 48 where I sat down with a Udemy marketing expert:

  19. Hey Dvir, I think I just get bored easily to be honest =) As much as I love traveling and definitely need mini breaks, starting new projects is what gets me up in the morning.

  20. Hey Rich, I would finish watching videos 1-3 and follow Anton's niche selection criteria and create your master list. Then feel free to direct message me on facebook and I'm happy to help with your selection.

  21. Hey have so much traffic coming to your website. Are most of those from Google? You might of answered this in another post, but what is your budget on ads? Thanks for all of your help and sharing your success with us.

  22. Hey Shayna, I sat down with a Udemy marketing expert and picked his brain for an hour, here's the full interview:

    Best of luck with your course launch! Let me know how it goes!

  23. Hey Dave I started out with using a ton of paid ads with the majority being google adwords, but have been trying to diversify my source of traffic, especially since google is expensive. I normally spend between $500-$800 on paid ads per month. Anton talks about different sources of paid and non-paid traffic in his course and I use them all.


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