Why Anton DOUBLED the price of Drop Ship Lifestyle to $1,000 for new members.

A lot of people have been messaging me asking about the sudden price hike of Anton's dropshipping course and have been asking if there is a discount link or way to get it for the old cheaper price.  I have some good news, some great news and some devastating news.

Also I want to give you the inside scoop on why the course doubled in price in the first place.

The reason why Anton increased the price of the course by $500 is because it really is worth that much more.  It wasn't even his idea.  Members of the course actually asked him to increase the price so there would be less competition.  Right now dropshipping works better than any other system of making money online, period.  It's great for both beginners as well as those who are more advanced.

There are a lot of other courses online, but Anton's is the only one that constantly works and after the first annual Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat was held a few weeks ago in Chiang Mai, it was natural for the price to raised to what it's been worth the entire time.

See for yourself:

It actually works:

Literally everyone in that video has made their money back on the cost of the course and some have been constantly making $5-$10k a month in profits since they started their stores.  Anton started with a low price to get people into the course, but now that it's proven, he's raised the price to discourage those who aren't serious about starting a business not to sign up.

He's limiting the number of new signups to make it easier for existing members to dominate niches and make money, while being able to give members one on one attention and being able to actually answer questions and review niches for them.

By having too many new members, the current ones don't have access to Anton, his team, or quite frankly even the senior members of the course who are already successful and like to comment in the member forums to help people out. There are only so many new members we can help per day so honestly i'm glad there aren't a million people joining each day.

$997 is a lot of money:

I know.  But it's the cost of doing business.  It's not for everyone, and if you're not 100% serious about starting a store and making it happen, then it's not for you.  But it is worth the money.  After meeting 50+ people all making a full time living from their stores this past month, I know for sure that this course is worth double what he is charging.

Especially with all of the new add ons he's including in the new version.  For me personally, using his course, I built my own store, and in the past 7 days I made $997 in profit from it, so ask me if it was worth the purchase price.

2016 Edit: The price of the course is now $2,497...but not really so don't freak out. When I started Anton's course it may seemed like it was a lot cheaper than it is now but in reality, you get what you pay for. He's added a ton of content to make the process easier, and everything in his higher level memberships simply include more features to make your job starting a store easier.

You can still sign up for the $997 membership which is all I had when I got started. I've been making $2,000-$5,000 a month consistently since I joining Anton's course in 2013 so I can vouch that you don't need the platinum level membership to build a successful store, it only gives you tools that make it easier, but guess what? Hard work and hustle are free.

I sincerely wish everyone success, it sucks when you don't act on something sooner and the price goes up.  I know.  But trust me, in the long run when you are making $20k in sales per month you won't care about the $997 it costed you to start out.  

And I bet you too will be one of the people begging Anton to raise the price again. 

If you're interested in joining the course, go to and claim your spot as he is either going to raise the price again in the future or limit the amount of new students as he's doing in the past when he completely closed the signup system for almost three months. 

Warm Regards,


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  1. I'm so devastated! This is what I went college for, supply chain management, and I can't even get a job over $9.90 hour with a degree. And I seen this advertisement when I was looking for work, and I was so excited about doing this. Than I found out how much the course is, and it might as well be a million dollars, I'll never have that kinda of money. I don't get an income tax back, the feds take it because of my delinquent school loans and I can't make enough money at work to even have cable t.v. little alone a $1000 for this program. I guess its just another case of the rich keeping the poor man, the little, undeserving man out. I hope you all make a good living. Peace!

    1. Hey Eastside, I know what you mean about college being a waste of money, spending $40,000 for college is a terrible investment for most people, so $1,500 is actually a great value.

      But either way, if you want to start with a cheaper course that still works, check out:

      Here's an interview and review of the course:

    2. east side - Sell some personal items on Craiglist! Or Go to an estate sale or garage sale, buy a few items and resell them... You always find money for the things you truly want!

    3. Great tips Amber, that's the correct mindset!

  2. Totally annoying news! I'm open to discounts by Rephraser but I'm not ready to pay double for new membership.


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