Inside Peek of the New Member's Area of (The Drop Ship Lifestyle)

Hey guys, I just got early access to the inside of the new members are of Drop Ship Lifestyle ( and WOW it is seriously legit and now packed full of even more content, including all of the Fast Business Insider Interviews and the speakers presentations from the retreat, as well as a whole new design course included.

Here's a photo of what you'll see inside:


The first thing you'll notice is the new Mindset section which is awesome as if it wasn't for having the right mindset when starting my store I don't know if I would have been successful.  This is an entirely new section with never seen before videos that I am extremely looking forward to watching myself as it is a peek instead of Anton's brain and what makes him successful.

Core Modules:

The main part of the course is the core modules which is the original 7 videos that were in the first version of the course.  What's crazy is that even with just the core module section I was able to build my first store and make it a success.  Now with all of these other sections, everyone really should have more than enough information on how to build a successful business.  


Even though this is a drop shipping training course, Anton now includes an entire section on importing, which could be an entirely separate course as he goes through everything he learned when he was importing a lot of goods himself for his stores.  

It's a great next step after building your drop ship store and having excess cash laying around to invest in your own brand to increase margins.

Shopify Design:

The next part is pretty crazy.  Anton now includes the Shopify design course which used to be an entirely separate product worth $399 into his course now for free.  It almost has too many sections to list so I'm just going to copy and paste the navigation so you can take a look yourself at all of the different modules in it.

Anton's sister happens to be a professional designer and now that she has her own drop shipping stores, it was natural for her to help make this course as she really understands the back end to it. And yes, this is all included in the new DSL 2.0 version of

Membership Navigation

  • In this section you can view the Shopify Video Modules.
  • Introduction to Shopify

  • Domain Setup

  • Email Setup

  • Theme Selection

  • Collections & Navigation

  • Upload Test Products

  • Color Scheme

  • Design Logo

  • Theme Edits & Image Creation

  • Upload a Favicon

  • Google Voice #

  • Brainstorming + Blog Creation

  • Installing Reviews App

  • Adding Facebook

  • Adding Pinterest

  • Installing Shopify Apps

  • Adding Google Analytics

  • Tabbed Product Pages

  • Custom Product Tags

  • Enhancing Images

  • Batch Edit Images

  • Import / Export / Edit CSVs

Retreat Presenters:

Anton also included all of the talks from the presenters from the 2014 Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat which featured talks to help build up your dropshipping stores using optimization like I presented on, email marketing by the autoresponder guy, pinterest marketing, selling your business workshop, outsourcing workshop, facebook ads, and even an entire step by step presentation on Amazon FBA which covers everything you need to start importing with fulfilled by amazon.  

Just the FBA talk itself is worth the price of an entire membership course as Ben did live demos on stage and was very comprehensive.  It was a bit crazy for Anton just to give all of this away as he really could have made this into an upsell or another course.  

Membership Navigation

  • In this section you can view videos from our live events.
Insider Videos:
This was another part that could have easily been a monthly subscription upsell, as there is so much value and content in these videos that people would have happily paid $49 a month to have access to new videos every week.  

But also included in Anton's DSL 2.0 are all of the insider videos. 

Membership Navigation

  • In this section you can view the Fast Business Insider Videos.

  • Web Design AMA w/ Laura K

  • Niche Selection Expanded

  • Targeting Demos

  • AMA w/ Johnny FD

  • Freebie Traffic Method

  • Lead Value Optimization

  • Private Labeling

Private Member's Forum:

The best part of being a member aside from all of the videos, step by step training, bonus content, is access to the community where hundreds of store owners and entrepreneurs openly help each other out daily.

People talk about how to get business credit cards if you aren't an American citizen, developing a private label product, getting credit without references, pros and cons of using separate product pages or variants, and some of the most helpful posts are people's progress threads like mine with over 500 replies as we document everything we've done for our own stores in it.

Inside Video: 

Here's a sneak peek inside the new course!

If you haven't signed up yet, ALL current members of Anton's course will get a FREE UPGRADE to the new 2.0 version, which means you'll get an extra $1,000 worth of content and access for free. Keep an eye out for the change over coming later tonight!  See you inside:

Warm Regards,


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