Dropshipping Success from Australia, the UK and even Sweden.

I love my life, I love waking up in a king size bed in a new condo, with the love of my life sleeping naked next to me.  I love waking up and seeing how much money I made overnight while I wasn't even awake.  I love taking vacations and seeing the world.  But more than all of that, I love being able to share it with everyone that reads my blog and listens to my podcast.

While it's definitely nice to pick up my phone and see a new sale notification, it's even nicer to see the messages I get in my inbox from others who have done the same.

I've never met Matt in person before and have no idea how he even started following me in the first place, but what I do know is that he signed up for Anton's Dropshipping course, started his store in Australia and a month later has make 13 sales and over $2,000AUD in sales.

I've heard from a ton of other people who have been successful, but up until a few months ago it was almost all Americans.  Why?  It's easier to start a store in the US and find suppliers and it's a more established country in terms of Ecommerce. 

Taking a quick look at the private member forums of Anton's course it's easy to see a ton of Americans who are making sales every day, there's even a thread entitled:

"The Best Notification to Look at Ever"

But why would I LOVE to NOT be from the US?  It's the wild west still when it comes to selling online, and the extra effort is worth it.  

But the main reason?  Amazon doesn't control 80% of the ECE Commerce traffic outside of the US....yet.  Even though the ecom giant has and sites already, they don't nearly have the foothold yet, which means it's relatively easy to compete against them.  In some countries such as Sweden there isn't even an yet (as it is owned by a 57 year old Swedish woman who refuses to sell it to Amazon) and honestly, no one had any idea if dropshipping was even possible in Scandavia as it's such a small country.

Then we see this.  Ironically from a Swedish guy also named Anton. 

So what about guys from England?  Fuck them.  

Just kidding.  The UK is a tough place to tough market to initially crack as there aren't a ton of suppliers yet, but what is AWESOME about the UK is the fact that you can offer 1 Day free shipping to anywhere in England, which would be impossible in the US.  

I personally know a few people from England who now live in SE Asia who did just that.  Instead of people ordering from a US based store and waiting two weeks for their item to arrive, everyone in his niche who sees the UK Flag and the 1 Day shipping banner buys it from him.  

I just logged into the private member forums and the very first new post is from London.  Kyron didn't have success in his first niche but sounds like he is going to kill it in the new one with what he learned.  

Cost of Failure?

The tea shop next store to PunSpace closed their doors after a few months of having no customers, they now have a about $10,000 worth of furniture, deco, and equipment just sitting there waiting for liquidation.  Down the street is a clothing boutique that closed just after a month, and although it's cleared out, i'm sure the inventory is sitting in someone's 1 bedroom apartment collecting dust.

Opening a physical business costs tens of thousands of dollars to start up and the risk is huge.  I've never met anyone who has spent more than a thousand on their dropshipping store.  And I've also never met anyone who actually failed.  I've met tons of people who gave up.  But just like Kryon above, you can always take what you learned, pivot into a new niche and become successful.

The final verdict: 

In the past 8 months people have been asking me if drop shipping is possible outside of the US.  I always told people that it probably does, but I haven't done it myself outside of America.  But now after meeting 20 people or so who have done it, I can say for sure, 100% yes it does.

Here's the Review of Anton's Dropship Lifestyle Course  I wrote almost 10 months ago. It's the same post that a lot of the people above first read, and decided to give it a shot.  It's the reason why they are successful today.

Join the entrepreneur army and don't get left behind.

Warm Regards,


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  1. Another very encouraging blog post, Johnny. Sharing these testimonials all the more validates to anyone, that dropshipping is a viable means to make money online.

  2. I'm hoping Anton extends the deadline


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