I just hired 3 VAs (How and Why)

I wanted to hire one Filipino virtual assistant to help me with my dropshipping stores, but I somehow ended up hiring three within a week. Instead of just having one employee full time to handle everything, I figured why not hire one person who is good at accounting, and another who is good at video editing, instead of trying to find one that can do it all.

So I hired one person to manage my dropshipping stores, and another to handle the podcast. Best of all, I never spoke to any of them on the phone, and never had to interview them. Instead, I had them do little tasks during the application process that will save you a ton of time during hiring and training.

Instead of having a normal job posting where you'll have to filter through, read a bunch of bs, and then interview potential VAs. I simply had them do a task that they would be doing day to day if they were to actually work for me.

Here's what I posted for one of my job openings: 

Video/Podcast Editor Wanted: Repurpose Podcasts into Youtube Videos

Hi, I am looking for a part time employee to repurpose podcast episodes into Youtube Videos with a static image and audio track.

You will be responsible for downloading the .mp3 version of podcast episodes, editing them into a video format with a static image of the cover art like this example:

To apply for this job, please make a 1 minute demo like the example above with this episode:
Please send me the link as an unlisted video and I will hire one employee. For this project, which may turn into a full time job with other responsibilities in the future.
  • Business Name:
  • Salary: Part Time Negotiable 3,000-7,000 PHP per month
  • Require ID Proof Greater Than: 60
  • Employment Type: Part Time
  • Date Posted: Feb 03, 2015
  • Last Updated: Feb 03, 2015

The Results:

Within hours I got six applicants in my inbox. One didn't do the sample so I deleted his application straight away and the other five I quickly looked at their profiles to see how much they wanted per month and hired two that did the video correctly.  

Since I have no idea how long it will actually take to edit each video, I'm making the two compete against each other for quality and time without them evening knowing. I'll have both of them make five videos, and the one that does the best job for the least amount of money will get the job full time. Wah-la. Never spoke to anyone over skype, never read a resume, just results.

The Training:

Since it's just as easy to write a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for one employee as it is to copy and paste it to a second, here is what I sent both of them, just with different episodes:

Hi Emms, 

Glad to have you on board. You can start right away if you want.  

  1. Download the Mp3
  2. Download the Cover Photo
  3. Load into your video editor
  4. Delete the introduction and start the video where I start talking.  (see example) (Youtube watchers don't like long intros)
  5. Create quick spin in transition in the beginning and spin out at the end.
  6. Do waste time listening to the entire episode, just the first few seconds in the beginning and ending to make sure it works. 
  7. Export as video file. Optional: Use a program like Handbrake to web optimize and shrink the file size
  8. Upload to the Travel Like a Boss Account on Youtube as Unlisted (I have made you a manager)
  9. Create the subject, Description, and Tags, using this episode as an example.
  10. Email me the link when complete and I will review it before making it public.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

Here's the channel on youtube: Travel Like a Boss Podcast

Right now there are only four episodes on there, check it out and watch it blow up in the next few weeks. If you enjoy getting the podcast through youtube, make sure you subscribe, or just continue to listen to it on iTunes or on your phone's podcast app.

Update: VA Emms just finished his first upload!

Update: VA Marc just uploaded his first video as well. I've just sent both of them an email asking them to put more tags on the videos so people can find it on Youtube easier, and gave them both two more episodes to complete.

That's it for now, I'll let you know how it all goes!

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