My Nomad Summit Talk: Implementation

Hey guys I'm really excited to share my talk from the Nomad Summit. It was the last talk of the day and really wrapped up the event as my topic was implementation, basically just getting things done and taking action.

The examples I used in my talk were how we put together the event in just 10 days, how I started the podcast in a week, and how I started another dropshipping store in month.  Watch the video and follow the link for all of the other presentations as well!

Here's the full video, thanks to our sponsor Buffer for allowing the event and all of the videos to be put up for free! Normal seminars and conferences cost between $497-$1,000 and up but we wanted to make this event available to everyone.  So thanks to Buffer we were able to give away the first 120 tickets for free and with the help of volunteers all of the videos are completely free to watch as well.

Hope you all enjoyed the video, if you haven't already please read my book Life Changes Quick: 7 Steps to Setting Goals and Getting Everything You've Ever Wanted. I truly believe that my story and the lessons learned from the easy, quick read will help everyone who reads it and I genuinely want to share my struggles and success with as many people as possible.

So if you enjoyed the talk, please do me a huge favor and share this blog post with your friends. You can see all of the speaker's talks at and they are all 100% free to watch and learn from.

Warm Regards,


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