January 2015 Income Report: New Streams of Income for the New Year

I'm really excited to write this month's income report since it's the first month after our 30 Day New Store Challenge finished and we're starting off the new year with a completely new stream of income!  Best of all, it's Larissa and mine, which means it is increasing both of our income simultaneously, giving us more opportunities as a couple to travel and do what we love.

This one came a few days late as I've been busy hiring VAs to update my monthly accounting so I don't have to do it myself from now on, but here it is! Without further adieu let's take a look at the streams of online income for January 2015.


We had a pretty slow month for Udemy sales, but literally haven't logged in or promoted our courses all month so this was 100% passive. The figures below are also my portion of earnings, so in total our courses actually made a bit over $500 this month but we have Udemy automatically split the payouts 50/50 between Larissa and I to make it easier, so we each took home $269.28 which isn't a ton of money but it's nice passive income.

Total Profit: $538.56 (divided by 2)

You can see our courses here:

Our plans for this month? Larissa is putting together a brand new course by herself, while I'm working on other projects, and whenever we have time, we're going to re-record our promo video for relationship ready because it's actually a really good course, the sales video just sucks.

Book Sales:

I honestly completely forgot I even have two books written until just now. The great thing about having book royalties is that it is 100% passive income after you've written them. Since the actual content of the books are actually really good, people leave reviews and sales come by word of mouth. so a huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave a nice review on Amazon.

If you haven't read the books yet, what's stopping you?  Read Life Changes Quick and 12 Weeks in Thailand

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5.0 out of 5 stars Johnny does it againJanuary 1, 2015
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This is the second book by Johnny that I've read and it just gets better and better. This book fires you up to go out and make your dreams come true. Life really does change quick but only if you take action.
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Thank you for your feedback.

Total profit from book sales: $91.90 from PDF sales + $200 from Amazon so in total around $290, I didn't actually do the math but it's been pretty steady for the past year since I first wrote the book. Would I write another one? 

I think for the amount of time I put into it, money wise it wasn't worth it, as I could have easily just built another business that would have made more than $300 a month, but I love putting my story out there and hopefully inspiring others to set big goals themselves and go after their dreams.

Other Income:

I recently wrote a few posts on my blog and in Anton's private member forums about setting up an LLC in Wyoming since I was going the process myself and ended up with quite a few signups through my link as I think a lot of people have been wanting to do the same. 

Even though I only got a $5 discount on my own LLC, I convinced My USA Corp to issue me a unique $25 off coupon that I've been giving away on my recommended resources page, which brought in some extra non-earned income for the month along with the other links on that page that I personally use and recommend. 

I also earned $115 for a phone coaching session someone signed up for this month as well as some other random sources of income I generate monthly that I don't really count as my core-business. 

Drop Shipping Store Sales:

I'm really excited because not only did I have a good month for my main store that if you've been following this blog I've been posting about since I started it a year and a half ago, but this was the first month after our 30 day new store challenge that Larissa and I have a new stream of income together.

Here's how my main store did:

Total Sales: $39,844.86
Take Home Profit: $4,229.10

+$597 worth of travel credit from my credit card rewards.

Even though January is traditionally one of the slowest months for e commerce sales as people are broke from the holidays, I somehow had my best sales month yet. I honestly don't really know why, but my best guess is just that the store is now fully optimized, has a 2.4% conversion rate which is pretty good in the ecommerce world as the average is 1.8% and now that we've been in business for 1.5 years have a good reputation, a lot of verified reviews, repeat customers and referrals we are no longer a random website, but an actual brand.

I've taken the time to provide accurate descriptions, good FAQs, after sales support, and our return and cancellation percentages are extremely low which shows that the majority of our customers are happy shopping with us. It's still hard to believe that just a year and a half ago, I had no idea what the words eCommerce or Dropshipping even meant and now I'm the owner of more than one business that brings in more than $40k a month in revenue.

But what I'm even more excited about is that now that Larissa also has access to Anton's Dropshipping course she was able to start her own store and completely replace her teaching salary for the first time. We have partnered up with this store so it's also a great new stream of income for me as well.

Best of all, we started her new store in just 30 days! Here's how it did during it's first month after going live:

Total Sales: $15,092.67
Take Home Profit: $1,621.50

+$226 worth of travel credit from my credit card rewards.

Not bad for the first full month after launching! The best news is we're still adding suppliers, seeing what sells, and most importantly optimizing for conversions which is at less than 1% right now...the same as when I started my first store. I have a feeling that once we get this site completely up and running it's going to do better than even my first niche.

Anyone that says dropshipping is getting harder and all the good niches are taken isn't looking hard enough.

Ready to head back down to the islands for a much needed break!

Wheww, that took way longer than expected so I hope people are actually reading these reports. But either way it was good for me to sit down and actually look at my income sources as I honestly only look at most of them once a month since they are all automated. 

I hope everyone is doing well and I sincerely wish everyone the best of luck in 2015. If you haven't already created a profit plan, business plan and way to accomplish your goals this year, please read my book: Life Changes Quick

Life is too short to be a Spectator.  Life truly does Change Quick, but only if Take Action!

Warm Regards,

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  1. "I recently wrote a few posts on my blog and in Anton's private member forums about setting up an LLC in Wyoming" - Hey Johnny, I remember scanning through those posts (about the problems you had with the LLC) earlier but now I can't find them. Am I just missing them or did they get lost in the template transition.

    1. Hey MJ they are scattered in the "Forming an LLC" and my personal thread on his forums, but basically here is what I learned:

      1. Choose WY
      2. For your resellers cert: Use your international address and not a PO Box or UPS Store address in WY
      3. Or just use a tax exempt form.

  2. Highlife from FB forums,

    Haven't been activly participating in the forums, but I'm still very much involved in E-commerce.

    It was nice see'ing your income streams, should also post out your expenses as well ( most people are curious in both)

    I always enjoy pat flynn / John Lee Dumas's reports.

  3. I live in Greece. I would like to start (at least try) a dropshopping business. Could you please send me a 10-link guide post or email with lessons 101 to finally sending the first order, and then accelerate to 100 sales per month. If i spend a two hour session on this how many days do i need including search deployment etch tonactually establish a first sale? Thanks in advance. If these sound abstract thoughts, they actually are... just an advice and a push to start is all i need...


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