Part Time Job Opening: Tokyo Wheels (Customer Service)

My buddy James, the owner of the Bicycle Wheels company Tokyo Wheels is hiring a part time location independent employee to handle his customer service.

Work M-F 3 hours a day and get 2x salary increase after 6 months!  Best of all, this job is location independent so work remotely from home.

This job is ideal for anyone who enjoys cycling and wants more time to do it, or wants to work on their own online business the other 5 hours of the day.

To apply for this job go here:

Best of luck and keep in touch for more location independant job openings!


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  1. Good post i recommended to everyone for part time job. This post which you show hear about tire wheels.fantastic job.

  2. This guy was one of my first drop ship suppliers when i first started drop shipping back in 2010. After a year or two they changed their sales methods and cut out all the drop shippers. I never sold one of the wheels but they were definitely high value items and would have made a great profit. Too bad I didn't take DSL until 2016 or I might have known better how to sell them! All good, pretty cool how you've met the guy.

    1. Wow that's funny how things intertwine. As a tip to everyone reading this, small to medium businesses need dropshippers as they can't afford to do their own in house sales and marketing to scale, but once they get big or figure it out themselves if you aren't already on board and selling a lot of their product, they may not take new suppliers. So always go for the small guys who you can help grow.


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