HUBBA - CoWorking Space in Bangkok Review

We have a couple of days in Bangkok so we decided to check out a few coworking spaces. The first on the list, is HUBBA as it's the first coworking space in Bangkok.

As a good digital nomad, instead of first looking for a hotel, we just went straight away to the neighborhood where Hubba is located and found a place to stay around there using the "find a hotel near me" feature on the Agoda app. 

The Coworking Space:

I really liked the layout of Hubba, it was a bit tightly packed but was a comfortable, social environment with nice natural lighting and comfortable office chairs.  The internet was decently fast and reliable and they had a bean bag area to chill out.

They have a small kitchen and an outdoor coffee area for 40 baht for premium coffee. Nescafe, Tea and water is free.

The Scene:

Right away I felt like I had walked into more of a startup space than a digital nomad space. A lot of the members are with social enterprise organizations rather than working on their own projects or for startup companies. 

Overall everyone was friendly, but cliquish and although it is really cool that they have two dedicated times to order lunch so everyone can technically eat with each other, it seemed that everyone was in their own groups and wasn't interested in meeting new digital nomads which is very unlike Koh Lanta and Chiang Mai.

The garden itself was a bonus and was very cool with a boxing bag, a rope swing and a giant trampoline.  

If I was based in Bangkok, I would definitely check out Hubba as it's a good place to work and reminds me a little bit of PunSpace Nimman in Chiang Mai.  The biggest difference is the startup vs. digital nomad feel which depends on what you prefer.

I thought it was really cool seeing a lot of actual startups including a lot of Thai people working in tech, and things like the instant photo printer in the lobby which was fun to use and definitely something a startup created.  

If you're in Bangkok, check out Hubba, it's worth a visit and a good place to get some work done. But if you're a new digital nomad and looking to get plugged into the scene and meet other nomads, it's not a mecca by any means at least in my experience.

But hey, I was only there for one day!

Check back tomorrow for the next space!


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  1. Went there and worked the other day as it was right near where I was staying in BKK. Didn't know you reviewed it until just now! lol.

  2. Will be going to check it out next month, moving back into bangkok

  3. It will be interesting as this is the first co working space I will be going to. Will be close to my new place and its cheaper priced compared to other ones in bkk.

    1. Let me know how you like it Michael! As a general rule it takes about a week of going somewhere to really get a feel for it and it's members.


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