The Hive Bangkok - Coworking Space Review + Video

I never thought I could live in Bangkok...until I visited The Hive. Sitting here for the past two days in the best designed coworking space I've ever seen, I can honestly picture myself living in Bangkok just to work out of this office.

Sounds crazy? Well let me tell you about getting a foot massage during the middle of the day without having to leave the coworking space or go about the rooftop garden's cafe. Pictures don't do this place justice, but luckily I think my video tour comes close.

The Hive Coworking Space


The Hive is located in the Thonglor district of Bangkok near the popular shopping street Sukhumvit. It's one of the most upmarket areas of the city and has tons of high end restaurants and bars. I'd compare it to the Nimmanhaemin area of Chiang Mai and would live here as it's central, easy to get around and a nice clean, quiet area of the city.

This is the ideal location for a coworking space and for a digital nomad in Bangkok.

Video Tour:

I'm really proud of this video that Larissa helped me film so check it out for a peek of what The Hive is like. Our favorite things about the place aside from the beautiful design is free filtered coffee which is served in the cafe and really good, free ice water, the discount for the spa and the area itself.

Check out the video!

Social Scene:

Compared to the other coworking spaces in Bangkok that I went to, this is the best place for digital nomads as there are more solo entrepreneurs here than Hubba where it seemed like most people were part of an organization or company.

The actual hot desks are relatively quiet and there isn't much social interaction going on, but there is the rooftop garden where people meet and mingle. In the two days we've been here we've met quite a few cool people, and could see us making some good friends here, but it's definitely not the same networking scene for digital nomads as Chiang Mai would be.


If I were to get a membership at the hive it would have to be a dedicated desk as they are the only ones with actual office chairs, so at 6,500 baht ($203US) a month it's still a good value but it's almost double what i'm paying in Chiang Mai.  Cost of living here is also a lot more expensive but the city also has a lot more to offer in terms of high end restaurants, ease of taxis, and lifestyle.

If I liked big cities or was single and wanted to base myself where there was good nightlife, i'd definitely choose Bangkok over Saigon and if I lived in Bangkok, I'd sign up for The Hive in a heartbeat.

Check out their official website at

Want more? Listen to Episode 68 of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast.

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  1. Thanks for doing this post and video. I've been meaning to try out the Hive for a while now but keep putting it off.

    Will check it out for sure now.


  2. Johnny you're tempting me to come to Thailand to sample the digital nomad lifestyle there. I would like to do a video interview with you. I'm in Taipei, Taiwan at the moment. Let me know your schedule


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