Why I'm Creating a Membership Site and following Membership Site Masters

I've decided to join Anton's new course and start my own membership site and wanted to let you guys follow along in the process as well. It's going to be a nice stream of semi-passive income once it's up and running and even though I know it's going to require 8 weeks of a lot of work and dedication I know it'll be worth it.

Here is the truth. Membership sites make A LOT of money, upwards of $100,000 a year in profits to as much as half a million for successful ones.  But here's the secret. There is no secret tricks to making a successful membership site, you just need really good content and a solid plan on creating the course. Keep reading to find out how I'm going to do it.

Why am I doing this?

For the money! If it seems like I'm starting a new business every other month it's because I am. Even though I'm living quite comfortably with the amount of income i'm bringing in, it would be awesome to have more, especially when you build a business that genuinely helps people and fills a need!

This month alone I'm paying for my entire family including my sister, mom and dad, nieces and nephews, brother in law to stay in a Villa for 10 nights beach side in Koh Lanta. I'd love to be able to invest in real estate, buy a house and have kids in a few years without worrying about expenses. So why not turn my passions into profits and create a membership site that helps others while helping me save for the future!

My financial goals:

Even though I am extremely grateful for my life, and the amount of money i've been able to save up in the past year and a half, I want more. I want to 10x the amount in my bank about by this time next year. It sounds crazy, but if you asked me two years ago when I had $200 in my bank if I'd be able to save up more than $80k i'd think that was crazy.

Even though I'm very happy making $5k+ a month from my dropshipping stores, and another $1k from my book sales, udemy and other platforms, I know I need something scaleable and I know how much potential membership sites have.

Why I'm signing up for Membership Site Master:

Basically because Anton created it. I trust him 1000% and know how earnest he is. I met him almost two years ago in Chiang Mai and joined his dropshipping course based solely on his character.   That $80,000 sitting in my checkings account is 100% because of him. Sure some of it came from my other income streams but if it wasn't for my dropshipping stores becoming a success, I never would have had the time or confidence to start other online businesses. 

I know 100% that whatever Anton puts his name to works. So even though I'm sure I could try to piece together other systems and create an online course on my own, I'd much rather sign up for Membership Site Master and follow his system step by step because I know it works.

Anton is the most earnest and sincere person I've ever met, and I'm proud to consider him both a friend and a mentor.

Why Anton created the course:

I'm sure he's also happy to make a new stream of income, but honestly, I think he just enjoys creating useful things out there and seeing his members become successful.  

Instead of making this just another passive income stream, he's actually taking the time to place all members in masterminds and personally jumping on phone calls with every single member to make sure they succeed.  Take a listen to the latest episode of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast where I sat down with Anton and asked him why he created the course and what exactly is in it.

Listen to Episode 66 here.

I'm going to be in one of those mastermind groups and definitely signing up, so if you want to follow along, new member registration opens up on March 9th. He can only take a limited number of students so if you're interested make sure you sign up for the mailing list as you won't want to miss out.

I sincerely hope to see everyone in the course, but either way, make sure you keep in touch and follow along in the journey!  I'll post updates, and have you all follow along in the ups and downs just like I did with my dropshipping stores.  If you'd rather start with Anton's dropshipping course first, and follow the same path as I did, I would highly recommend that as well. You can have a semi-passive dropshipping store making over $2k a month within 8 weeks and then focus your time on either scaling that up or then creating a membership site.  Anton's first course can be found at

Check out the course I created: 

Keep in touch and follow along in the journey of a digital nomad!

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  1. I meant what's the difference between your site and Anton's?

    1. Hey Nelson, mine won't be about dropshipping. =) I'm still going through the course but in the first section of MSM Anton teaches you how to pick your passion, hobby or partner with an expert to create a niche membership site.

      His is teaching people how to start a dropshipping store.
      Mine will be about something completely different that I'm personally good at and passionate about.

  2. Hey Johnny, please let me know when I can join and the cost it would be appreciated....Thanks..J

    1. Hey registration just opened today! The site is:

  3. Johnny, have you ever heard of Yaro? Just curious how Anton's course compares with this free membership course master plan. It's pretty tight!

    1. Hey Michael, I checked out Yaro's course which is actually a detailed ebook with a ton of info and an audio version as well. I'm sure some people can figure out how to start a course using the info he has in there, but honestly, it's just too much scattered stuff with too many links to too many different options.

      What I like about both of Anton's courses is that he has went through the process and chooses the one best option for you, such as which template to use, or which membership site software to use. Anton also breaks it down with screen share video which makes it a million times easier to follow than audio or text.

      I'm six weeks into Anton's MSM course and am extremely thrilled with it so far. I don't know when he'll open it back up for new members but I honestly think it's the best money I could have spent and can't wait for my course to launch.

  4. Membership Site Masters link in this post is broken


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