10% Off Roost Laptop Stand Coupon!

As some of you know or have seen in my photos, I've been a HUGE fan of The Roost Laptopstand ever since the first version came out on kickstarter years ago. It's been one of the best investments I've ever bought as it's really helped my posture and productivity. I've been able to work more comfortably and for longer hours without neck strain.

For the past two years every time someone has asked me where to buy the stand, I've told them sorry, it's out of stock. But good news! Not only is the new Roost available again, I've been sent a 15% off coupon to give to my friends and blog readers! So here you go! Download the Roost Coupon PDF here or keep reading!

Coupon still works but is now for 10% off!

Follow these Steps:

Step 1.  Go to Amazon using this link (gives me credit for referring you)

Step 2. Manually search for "Laptop Stand"

Step 3.  Scroll through until you find the Roost.

roost 2.png

Step 4.  Use the following coupon code: M28D8XF6 expires 3/22/16 at checkout (EXPIRED)

That's it! Make sure you leave a review of it after you get it in the mail and get a chance to play with it!  Getting tons of reviews will help the Roost get the top spot on Amazon.

You can also buy the stand directly from their site at: using the coupon code ROOSTEDJOHNNY gives you 10% off.


You’ll also need a keyboard to type comfortably as your laptop is going to be elevated. My favorite keyboard that I’ve tried is the Apple Magic Keyboard especially since the new version is rechargeable.

The only thing I didn’t like about the  older model is the fact that it uses AA batteries. But now that it’s rechargeable it’s a no brainer. There are cheaper alternatives like the Logitech Keyboard + Mouse combo but honestly they are big, bulky, ugly and take up your USB slots and aren’t good choices for digital nomads that move around a lot.

Personally I loved the original Apple Wireless Trackpad when it worked but HATED it as it would always run out of battery accidently in my backpack, especially since it used AA batteries. Now I’m planning to get the new Apple Wireless Trackpad II as it’s been designed and is now rechargeable. If you prefer mice, the new Apple Magic Mouse is also rechargeable.

*P.S. if you have a PC you can still use everything mentioned above. But I’d suggest getting a 13” Macbook Air =)

Roost Laptop Stand Review:

If you're curious to know more, or what the difference is between the old roost stand and the new version here's a review I made of it!

I sincerely hope everyone supports the Roost by buying one of their stands as I know how beneficial it is to your health and posture.
If you didn't get the instructions and want to download the Roost Coupon PDF instead here it is! 
Warm Regards,

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  1. Hi, Thank you for sharing this. Do you know if this works in the UK?

    1. Happy to share! Not sure if it works in the store but you can give it a shot! Might still be cheaper to order from the U.S. and have a friend or service forward it to you in the UK =)

  2. Heads up. You should link directly to the listing. Asking people to search for it via keywords is manipulating the ranking system and against Amazon TOS which could have a negative effect on the seller account if Amazon were to look into it.

  3. 90%+ of products on Amazon are manipulated which is it's becoming a shitter and shitter place to shop.

    But I'll look into the TOS as I wouldn't want to get Roost in trouble.

  4. Yeah youre right, the reviews and stuff is too much, but still allowed to a degree. Just searching and keyword stuff is a bit of a dodgy area from what I've seen in the groups, better safe than sorry

  5. Shit, they don't ship to Chiang Mai :D

    1. Crap that sucks. You can always send it to someone in the U.S. and have them forward it to you as a gift so there's no custom duties.

  6. Johnny, thanks for passing along the coupon, I used it just got my Roost and it is great. I was a bit worried the all plastic construction wouldn't be solid but it is totally steady and secure. Also my travel laptop is the Asus UX303U, which is basically a Windows version of a Macbook Air, so I was concerned if it would fit OK - you never know. It fits fine and the rubber accents on both ends both give a non-slip surface on the table & a bit of a cushion for the laptop edge too. Also the height is adjustable over about 2 inches to account for different table heights. You were right, its a really nice, light weight laptop stand - couldn't be happier.

    1. Hey really cool that you got it already! That was fast! Glad to hear it works with your laptop well.

      I don't recall what the strength rating was for the Roost, but it was something pretty insane like 100+ pounds, or whatever. Either way, glad you find it as awesome as I do!

  7. Hi Johnny, thank you so much for sharing the Roost! It's so appealing as I've been suffering from RSI for years now, hunching towards my laptop. I've always been on the lookout for new peripherals to help lessen my pain, and this one looks really promising.

    Sadly I'm a few days late and the discount code you've posted has expired already. By any chance will you be able to put up a new one sometime soon? 25% is a really, really big help.

    Also, it seems that the Roost is now 12th place in the Amazon Best Sellers list for "Laptop Computer Stands", yay! I really appreciate what they've done for everyone, and they deserve to be higher up there. :)

    1. Hey thanks for writing in! I think you'll love having the Roost either way but I've just emailed the founder of Roost to ask for another coupon code so hopefully he'll say yes!

      I'll update it here if I get it!

  8. Hey Johnny, would love a coupon as well! Thanks so much!

  9. I just bought one and the coupon code in the pdf file still worked....for now!
    Guys our neck and body are priceless. This is no brainer!

  10. Thanks for this, the coupon code in the PDF still works as of July 24 2016!

    1. Hey Mike, thanks for the update! I'm glad it's still working as of July!

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  13. Thanks for sharing this product. I just ordered one direct from their site and used your coupon code. I look forward to getting this in the mail.


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