David Dang Vu's Income Reports: Udemy, eBay and AirBnB

Hey guys, I've had the pleasure of hanging out with an entrepreneur these past few weeks that is crushing it even harder than I am and is super open about sharing his numbers and success with his students. What's crazy is the fact that he doesn't even have a blog or a website and normally only posts these videos to his existing students to keep them inspired and motivated.

I'm a big fan of anyone who is successful, earnest, and openly shares to help others, and David Vu really fits those qualities. In this post I'm going to share all of his income reports, as well as some secret insights on what really makes him as successful as he is today. Keep reading to find out exactly how we met, how much money he makes online, and how he does it 100% with passive income online.

How I Met David:

If you follow me on facebook, youtube or instagram it may look like I've been best friends with David for years. But the reality is, until a few weeks ago, I barely knew him. The first time I messaged him was on June 19th, 2015 through Facebook asking him to be a guest on my podcast.

He brushed me off for almost a month having no idea who I was, and because it happened to be the middle of fishing season which was his priority at the time. If you listened to episode 82 of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast you can easily tell that not only were we not friends at the time but I was actually harsher on him than any of the other guests I've had prior.

My first message to David Vu - June 19th, 2015

Starting to Recommend David: 

After drilling him on the show for an hour and asking him hard, uncomfortable questions which he answered openly and honestly, I signed up for his ebay dropshipping course as a paid student with my own money. Inside the course I saw how open he was, even with this own store and the products he personally sells, so I decided he was legit, followed the steps inside his course, and made a few thousand dollars worth of sales in my own ebay store. Ever since then I started recommending his course to my readers.

I've now referred hundreds of students to his course and i'm really happy to report back that close to a hundred have reported back saying they've been successful and a bunch are even making $700-$1,000+ a month in profit from following his methods.

I didn't realize this until just today but he actually gave me a shout out in his first ever income report which you can and should watch here:

David's Most Recent Income Report: 

In January, he started to really crush it, as with online courses, people's #1 and #2 goals for the new year are to get in shape and make more money so his eBay dropshipping course brought in a ton of new students.

January was also the first month I actually met David in person as he offered to let me stay at his AirBnB properties for free while I was in town. The funny thing was, since his AirBnB rentals are so automated, I didn't' actually meet him until 4 days after I was already staying there.

Watch his latest income report video here:

Passive Income:

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I realized how passive David Vu's income really is. After meeting him in person and hanging out with him in California, I invited him out to Koh Lanta to come hang out for a month and cowork and hang out.

During these past few weeks we went dirt bike riding, fishing, and he even went scuba diving and island hopping. But the craziest thing is, I haven't actually seen him work once.

His businesses are so automated and so passive that the only time he's actually spent here at the coworking space has been editing fun videos from the activities we've been doing. What I learned most from his is the importance of hiring good virtual assistants, having great employees and being able to truly let go and relax while on a month long holiday in Thailand.

Here's a video he made of us accidently renting way too big of a boat for just the two of us to go fishing here on Koh Lanta:

In Conclusion:

One of the best ways to achieve more success for yourself is to follow the footsteps of those who have already done it and David is one of those guys who has figured it out.

I really enjoy surrounding myself with successful people, especially ones that openly share how they do it, and one of my goals is to find these people and interview them on my podcast. As a bonus, I often end up becoming friends with these guys afterwards. Value attracts value, so regardless of where you are today with your online business, focus on creating value first as it's really the only way to attract more of it into your life.

What I've learned most from David is secret of working super hard during the winter months when it's cold outside so he can really take time to enjoy vacations when it's warm. He told me that from October - December he hardly went out and just worked, which has allowed him now to really travel like a boss while continuing to earn online passive income. If you're interested in keeping up with David's income reports or want me to highlight others like him. Let me know in the comments and i'm happy to share!

Left to Right: Johnny, Max, Lily, David

I hope everyone does extremely well with your own online businesses! Remember to create multiple streams of online income, then automate those streams by hiring staff or virtual assistants to run them day to day.

Hope to see everyone out here on Koh Lanta, Thailand!

Resources Mentioned:

David's eBay Dropshipping course


David just uploaded his February 2016 Income Report:

Just for everyone who didn't catch it. David's actual income was $25,000+ if you don't count his biz class flight to Thailand, breaking his computer, or building a new website =)

Update: Finally caught up. Here's David Vu's Income Report for March 2016

Warm Regards,


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  1. Hey Johnny,

    Both you and Anton have said that eBay dropshipping is unsustainable in the longrun.

    Will you expand on why you believe this?

    David makes around 20 G's a month and has a star student that began grossing 6,000 monthly within half a year.

    It's frequently mentioned on this blog that the eBay dropshippers you know make several hundred to a grand every month.

    1. Really good points you bring up. You're absolutely correct about everything you mentioned in the comment, and a lot of people I've met in person and even more than that I've talked to online are making money with ebay dropshipping/arbitrage following David's course.

      The reason why myself, Anton, and even David in the interview we did on the podcast say it's not a long term business is because you're not really building a brand, customer list, or unique value.

      You're also reliant on Ebay's platform and under their control when it comes to your store ranking, payments, customers, etc.

      However, all of that being said, it currently works, and may continue working for 1 year or 10 years, no one knows.

      My suggestion is that if you don't have an online business now making over $1,000 a month, it's a great way to start which is why I recommend it, especially if you follow David's method which I know works.

    2. Claims of so many people being wildly successful should be taken with a pinch of salt, especially when it's in a post promoting said scheme.

      David makes 20k, one guy makes 6k, but they're anomalies. Simply put, readers should do their homework.

      If they buy a course for 1000 dollars and then realize maybe there were a few little white lies involved in the pitch or some crucial information was left out, well, that's as much their fault as anyone else for being blinded by 'success posts' and not doing their research properly.

      If someone sells you something and says "I know of 10 people making $10,000 a month from this system!", you don't buy it based off that. Only an idiot would do so. What happens when you find out that there are 100,000 people enrolled? 10 of those are successful? Is that really so good?

      Look at things from every angle, and look at why certain people might say certain things. Do they gain from it? Is it impartial etc.? The best source for info is unaffiliated forums and discussion boards where people are not selling it. Can you really trust anyone who has a vested interest in selling the courses to tell you the whole truth? Not to mention why they're selling you their guaranteed money making blueprint in the first place.

    3. Very true. You should give due diligence with most ventures but David's course on udemy is currently $40, and has been as low as $10. If you need a forum or discussion board for the equivalent price of lunch/dinner, then I can see where business could be difficult for someone.

    4. Hey Anonymous #2 (can you guys start using names as this is confusing) - The best source of information is NOT random forums or discussion boards as 99.9% of those people have never actually done it themselves.

      The best way to determine if a course is good or not is to use your own common sense to see if it sounds like it is something that is worth investing time and money into, then buying the course and getting access to the member community of people who are actually doing it. Then if it seems like a waste of time or money, ask for a refund.

    5. If you take these courses expecting them to have some magic way of making easy money then you'll always be disappointed. If that existed everyone would do it and it would die. What these courses teach you is a new way to think about making money. It takes a ton of effort, and in the end you probably won't be doing it exactly like David, Anton, or Johnny do it. Look at Johnny vs. Anton - he got his biggest boost from Anton's approach, and they do similar things but it's not the same. Johnny figured out a couple ways to make money that Anton doesn't do. That's business. Figure it out. The courses open your mind - it's 100% up to you to make it happen. If you give up then it's your fault. Start, pivot, move, move, pivot, move - just don't ever stop.


  2. David sounds like a pretty legit guy. I listened to Podcast #82 a couple weeks ago when you interviewed David about eBay dropshipping and was so inspired that I signed up for his Udemy course. I am more than half way done with the course and have started listing products on my eBay store. This is my first online business.

    There are always going to be pros and cons with any online business. You just need to pick an online business model that will work for you and your goals.

    One of the things that I discovered about 95% of people that start any businesses is that they give up too easily when they don't see immediate results. The 5% that has the perseverance to stick it out, learn from their mistakes, find mentors and never give up will eventually be successful.

    1. I agree 100%, do us all a favor and finish going through the course, and let us know when sales start coming through!

    2. I made my first sale with only 5 listings this morning while I was sleeping! This is just crazy easy. I love it. I just need to scale it up so I have more listings and more sales. Thanks for opening my eyes to this business.

    3. Nice buddy, congrats! Feels good to start making money while you're sleeping right! Now that you know it works, definitely put in the time to scale it up!

      I'm happy to and honored to be able to share things have worked for me and have helped me become a success. My goal is for everyone reading my blog to come up along with me in this online journey together!

  3. Replies
    1. After hanging out with him for 2 weeks I realized that his "Hellooo, we're going on SUPER DUPER adventure!" really is his personality and it's not just for videos. It's crazy how much energy and how optimistic he is pretty much 24/7.

  4. Hey Johnny! Through you podcast, I found David's Vu's course on ebay drop shipping. I'm currently taking the course on udemy and am now journaling as I go through his methods. Here's my blog { } if you are interested in following along. Thanks again, Johnny.

    1. Hey really excited to hear you've journaling your progress! Let us know how it goes!


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