How I Made $13,183.17 with my Membership Course

As you may have noticed, I love creating new streams of passive income. Even more than that, I love sharing the results. I've been waiting to share this case study as even though thirteen thousand dollars may sound like a lot to some people, making this course was one of the most challenging things I've done and took a ton of time and effort.

Also if you do the math, $13k over a year is just a little bit over $1,000 a month on average. But the reason why I'm sharing this right now isn't because I was a huge success, but because I've tested it enough to be a proven concept, and I want you to join along in the journey so you can be the huge success and hopefully teach me something yourself! According to the most recent survey I sent out, most people's biggest frustration is that they wish they would have started earlier.

Well, here's your chance, this is what is considered early! Don't miss out, here is how I did it.

Why Create Your Own Course

Part of the reason why I created my own membership site is because I wanted to have students of my own. It's a similar reason to why people want kids or people enjoy teaching.

The other reason is because it's a great source of semi-passive income. Sure it takes a lot of work to set up, in my case around 2 months, but once it's up and running it's pretty much passive. When someone signs up for a membership at Earnest Affiliate they automatically get an account created, and access to the member forums. The videos are laid out in a way to make it easy for people to follow, it's pretty much automated and doesn't require me to manually make new accounts for users or anything.

The only work I need to do afterwards is keep the content up to date, and answer questions whenever they come up in the private member forums. That's it. The reason why I wanted it on my own site and not on something like Udemy is because I want to have full control of what I'm allowed to teach, how I contact my students, and I don't want to give away my secrets or spend a ton of one on one time helping someone who signed up for free or during one of their crazy sales.

How to Create Your Own Course

Honestly, for most people if you just want practice learning how to film, edit and upload. I'd start by creating a course on Udemy as it's quick, easy, and they pretty much walk you through it all with easy to follow templates and a good backend.

However, the downsides are, you never get your student's email address and must go through Udemy's Promotional Announcement system just to contact your students. You can't control your own pricing and with the most recent Udemy pricing update, you can no longer charge more than $50 for your course. And if you send potential customers to your sales page, they'll get offered your competitors products as Udemy doesn't really care if you make the sale as long as the customer buys something from their platform.

If you want full control over your course, customers, and make more money, I would absolutely make it on your own platform which is what I learned inside Anton's Membership Site Master course which has actually been closed to new members for the past year but just reopened and is accepting new members as of now!

What's inside MSM?

Basically it's a step by step guide on how to choose a niche, create the training videos yourself or partner with an expert in your chosen niche field, build the site, drive traffic and make sales.

One of the best examples I can give on partnering with an expert is the fact that the guys behind the hottest selling fitness course in the world aren't the actual trainers themselves. I'm actually friends with the founder of the course and while he's in decent shape himself, he knew that the course would sell 100X better if he simply took care of the filming, marketing and sales, while he partnered with a personal trainer who is in extremely good shape to be the teacher.

So inside of Anton's Membership Site Masters course expect to learn how to be able to create a successful membership course even if you're not going to be the one in front of the camera!

Even better is Anton is offering a free live web class that will teach you all the basics you need to get started as well as answer questions during a 30 minute live Q&A.

I'll be on the call just as an attendee as I always learn a ton and hopefully I can take some tips and new tricks to increase my own membership course.

Update: Here's a sneak preview of tonight's web class!

Hope this helps! And see you at the free webinar tonight!

Warm Regards,


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  1. I think your turn key definition is a little different, usually that refers to a business or shop sold/bought that requires no work, its all stocked and already running, that you can jump in and go without any set up.

    The Udemy price limit is very surprising.

    1. I was a bit surprised by Udemy's new pricing announcement but I think it'll be good for both instructors and students in the long run as course creators will know from the start they are selling a course for $20-$50 and create the length based on that. And for students instead of buying a bunch of random courses during flash sales, and putting off what they want to learn until there's another sale, they'll buy courses based on what they actually want and need when they need it.

      And you're right about turn-key, I think the word I meant to use was automated. I'll edit that. Thanks buddy!

    2. Ys that's a very good point, I think it will set a nice standard for course makers and buyers will have a much more complete choice.


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