Email and Copy Writing: 3 Things You Should Know!

What if I told you there really is a push button, set it and forget it, magic formula to making money online? I don't know if there really is such a thing as anything of value comes really does come from hard work, but if there was something, setting up a great email campaign would be it. Imagine being able to make money simply by sending out an email. Now imagine being able to set that email into autopilot and having them set out automatically on your behalf.

Email autoresponders are the magic bullet, and if you don't have a passive income generating machine built yet, you're missing out. Ready for all of the secrets? Here we go!

#1 People Love Emails!

First off, everyone HATES getting spam, so it's a real fine line between setting up an email auto-responder campaign that people look forward to reading, and spamming the crap out of someone and having them hit unsubscribe. 

To put it in easy to understand terms. Imagine if you signed up for the mailing list for the movie Star Wars. Imagine you're someone who is new to the series and might have never seen a single one of the movies yet, but are at least interested and curious to learn more. 

Wouldn't you love to get as your first email a quick intro to who the director is and why he started the movie in the first place? Then the second email would contain an insider's tip that if you're going to watch the movies for the first time there's actually a way to get an even better experiencing by watch the movies in a specific order and not from first to last! Maybe you'll explain how watching it in this secret order helps avoid spoilers and makes you enjoy the films 10 times more! 

This can also be applied for the best way to start the diet you blog about, or the easiest way to plan a wedding, travel, start a business, or whatever you happen to write about. 

Action: Commit to writing emails that people look forward to reading!

yay new email

#2 Great Copy Matters!

You don't need to become a copywriting pro, or even hire one for $5,000 but learning the basics will take you a long way when it comes to writing great content! Think your niche doesn't need great copy? Think again because copy is everywhere even where you least expect it!

In this Nomad Summit talk, copywriter Stephanie Simon shares some of her secrets on where to use copy even in day to day life and how valuable it is.  Also make it a priority to come out to next year's Nomad Summit to meet and network with hundreds of location independent entrepreneurs!

Action: Watch the full talk here for free curiosity of the email automation experts at Drip who sponsored the event!

#3 You're Missing Out!

The most common regret of internet marketers or anyone with a website in general is not collecting emails sooner. Most people put it off thinking it's not that big of a deal as they don't have a lot of traffic yet anyways, but your first 1,000 visitors are often the most important as they genuinely care about what you have to say even though you're not well known yet!

By tailoring your email autoresponders to most benefit your friends, family, and other people who might be visiting your website early on, you will be sure to keep your emails personal and full of value. Till this day I write all of my emails myself, and write them as if I'm sharing with a close friend or family member.

Here are the tools that I use to build my email list, setup the push button passive income autoresponders and grow my audience. This video is actually one of the modules inside my paid course, Earnest Affiliate but the lessons inside of it are so valuable I didn't want to hoard it just because you're not a member yet. Plus there are 33 videos inside the course in total so I don't think my members will mind if I share just this one.

Action: Watch my presentation on finding the best email opt ins and autoresponders.

Links to all resources in the video are mentioned are below.

Opt in Forms:

SumoMe (Free Option)

Opt In Monster (Advanced Option)

Email Software:

MadMimi  (basic option)

AWeber  (advanced option)

How to Monetize Your Emails for Passive Income:

The reason why this is last is because, it's honestly the easiest part once you've built an email list that looks forward to reading your emails. The hardest part is getting started and taking the time to install the tools mentioned above.

Here are two ethical, honest, and profitable ways to make money from your list:

Value + Soft Sell

The easiest way to monetize your email list without annoying your readers is to have the entire email be of nothing but value, and then just add a P.S. at the end of your email with an offer.

An example would be, an entire email about why you should watch Star Wars in the order of movies 4, 5, and 6, before watching the first three. Then at the end of the email you would have a P.S. If you want to buy the box set of all 6 movies on DVD, you can get it through my Complete Saga Amazon link here.

Value + Content Links: 

My prefered way of monetizing my email list is to write it exactly the way I would write it to a friend and not even think about making money from it until I am finished. Then I simply go back through the email and look to see what I've talked about or would recomend anyways and simply link up those products or services to your affiliate link.

If you want to know more about being an Earnest Affiliate you can check out my full course.

Notice that in both ways of monetizing your list, I stress adding value first. I write all of my emails and blog posts with the intention that even if someone doesn't join my course, or use one of my links when they sign up for something I recommended that they would still get value out of the post regardless.

My motive has always been to share great information freely as I truly believe that knowledge and money are abundant resources and the more we give, the more we get back.

Hope this blog post helped! If you learned something, do me a favor and share it!

Warm Regards,


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  1. Which tax software do you use?

    1. I use the guys from this interview after asking them a million questions on the show and realizing they were the best for digital nomads:

  2. Awesome! I'm testing Sumo now with a new site I built, thanks for the tip :)

  3. Great to know about some new things overall thanks for share.


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