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I got back into eCommerce...This time in Ukraine.

I never thought I'd get back into eCommerce again after successfully selling my dropshipping stores, especially not here in Ukraine...du...


This is my Final Post about Russia and Ukraine.

 I've said this before, but I'll say it again for those who still don't understand... Before February 24th, 2022 I liked Russia ...


Why Russia Really Invaded Ukraine.

Every day I get messages from people who write me or comment on my posts and videos saying "XYZ" is the reason why Russia invaded ...


I'm Officially a Ukrainian Permanent Resident.

 It's been a long journey, but as of a few days ago, I am now a green card holder of Ukraine, which makes me a Permanent Resident. The p...


Ukraine FAQ: Donbas 2014-2022 (Russian War)

"For those who argue that some people in Eastern Ukraine wanted to be part of Russia. Some people in New York wanted the USA to be an I...



  If you've been following my social media and YouTube videos these past few weeks, you'll know that we hit the goal of raising $10,...


Ukraine Before Russia's War: How it Looked

I never thought that my travel videos on YouTube would be of any significant use besides a bit of entertainment and fun. I especially didn&#...


Why I Live Like I'm Poor.

A big misunderstanding people have is the difference between being cheap and frugal. A lot of people often wonder why I "seem cheap&quo...


Coaching, Pick My Brain?

I've been getting a lot of requests to meet with me in Kyiv (Kiev) lately and have felt bad ignoring so many people's requests. The ...


100,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

If it seems like I haven't been posting much on my blog, or recording many episodes of the podcast Travel Like a Boss, it's because ...


I Love Outdoor Gyms.

I know this sounds trival, but I promise that it sums up a lot in one little thing. One of the things I hated about living in America is how...


My 40th Birthday: Thoughts and Lessons Learned

Every year I spend a few hours on my birthday or the day afterwards to sit down and reflect on not only what I learned that year, but also h...


Back in Ukraine (Kyiv, Kiev, Kharkiv) - June/July 2021

It's been so nice to be back in Ukraine, especially since I've finally gotten the keys to the apartments that I bought and have fina...

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