Martial Law Declared in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Breaking News: Thailand's Army Chief declared Martial Law yesterday morning.  What does this mean for tourists and foreigners living in Chiang Mai?  Take a look at these shocking photos and see for yourself.

mar·tial law
  1. military government involving the suspension of ordinary law.

The Bangkok Streets are lined with Tanks and Military Presence.

Chiang Mai citizens are arming their scooters with pink baskets.

While the expats seem to be working as normal in Chiang Mai's coworking space, chaos all around is starting to spread.

Geckos are running scared.  Facebook feeds from friends and family back home are causing panic. And in the garden, lawn ducks are tipping over.

Chaos everywhere.  Ducks falling.

Everyone in Chiang Mai is panicking.  Furiously skyping friends back home to assure them that they are safe.  Some people were even minutes late to dinner and almost didn't have time to stop to buy Lychees, which are in season by the way.

Fun Fact: Lychees are both Larissa and Johnny's favorite fruit.  Freshly picked lychees keep their color and quality only 3 to 5 days which makes export of the rare tropical fruit difficult and expensive.  

These are the biggest Lychees I've ever seen.  Had to buy them.

Chiang Mai Travel and Safety Tips:

Stop watching the news.  You're just stressing yourself out.  As part of the 4-hour workweek information diet, I stopped watching the news five years ago and not even once did I miss anything important that I didn't hear about from friends, facebook, or somewhere else.  

Bangkok Travel and Safety Tips:

First off, skip Bangkok.  The only reason to go there is for shopping, which you can save until the end of your trip.  Bangkok is my least favorite city in Thailand for many reasons.  But even as a military coup they are there to keep the peace, not cause a permanent government takeover.  

Stop watching the news, and start living life.
Get on a plane, leave your fears behind.
Start seeing the world through your own eyes,
instead of through the ears of the news outlets.
-Johnny FD
Keep in touch.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. My friends called me freaking out. However, I am flying in to Bangkok to get to Chiang Mai. I was planning on staying 2 days in Bangkok to ease my jet lag. Do you recommend I take a bus as soon as I get to Bangkok. Or 2 days there is fine? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Nina, I would come straight to Chiang Mai. There is no reason to be in Bangkok. Either take a bus or a cheap Air Asia flight and enjoy the north. I promise you won't regret coming up sooner.

    2. Thanks Johnny! Sadly, I already booked my flight. I am flying from New York to Japan.. Japan to Malaysia.. then Malaysia to Bankok. Iam heading out June 25th. I wanted the adventure..that is why I have so many flights. :)

  2. Yeah, I always smirk when people read/ hear international news about this region and start freaking out about my safety.

    I always direct them to the NYTimes daily Gun Report - and remind them - that it's THEM who should be worried about safety and concerned about random violence, not me.

    1. Yeah there are crazy things happening in all cities all over the world. It's not any less safe here in Thailand. If anything I feel way safer in Chiang Mai than I do in San Francisco or LA.

  3. Funny post Johnny and right on point. There is always something going on in Bangkok and army jeeps on the streets look great on the news. But really the world is not that scary a place and life goes on uninterrupted even in Bangkok and especially in Chiang Mai.


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