What would you do?

I get messages like this all of the time, and I thought, hey why not share it with my readers and see what your opinion would be?

A lot of people dream to quit their jobs to move to a place like Thailand to get away from the stress of everyday life and responsibilities of the U.S.  Read this guy's message and tell me what you would do in his situation.

  • I'm sold. I read your book. Let me tell you a little bit about my situation. First of all I have no reason NOT to move to Thailand. I've been fully supported from online work over the last seven years, I already train MMA here in the states (Georgia) and just as of the last few months I've been making the passive income I've always wanted.

    I'm ready to get the fuck out of this political wasteland. I want to go there not only because of training and not only because of the beaches. Beaches are beaches -- fuck it -- I grew up on the gulf.

    Throughout the last 7 years of my life I've lived in the ghetto of the south. I've witnessed several murders. I've had my life threatened on several occasions and I've rarely felts safe living as the only white guy in a black hood. I say that because my crack-dealing downstairs neighbor warned me to get out because, "white people always talk to the cops."

    I have an interesting choice right now. I either move to Atlanta and pay a lot of money for a one bedroom with pretty good training (Alliance JJ is here along with Bangkok Boxing) or I go abroad under an ED Visa and learn Thai in Phuket while training under Phuket Top Team (they have the only wrestling program that I've seen).

    You have been a huge inspiration. Would it be possible for me to take about a one month trip to Thailand and meet up with you in Chiang Mai and be taken around a bit, hear your stories on things, and really make a solid decision?

    I would be there in August at the latest. Let me know. - William

My response:

The three main reasons why people are hesitant to take a chance and live somewhere life Thailand is either:

Worries About Time
Worries About Money
Worries About Leaping

The first two are self-explanatory, people worry about having enough money saved up or enough online, location independent income to live aboard.  Other people have jobs to commit to or other time constraints.  But William is lucky where he has the first two solved.

His worry right now is taking the leap of faith.  Even after reading my book 12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap, following my blog and my facebook page, he's still unsure if he'll like living out here in Thailand.  

My response?

  • Hey William, I would absolutely use this opportunity to get out of FL and go explore Phuket for a bit. Just do a 3 month trial run, it sounds like you have nothing to lose. You can always move to ATL afterwards if it doesn't work out. But I have a feeling you'll like it at PTT. You can also come check out Team Quest in Chiang Mai for a month and see if you like it there. I'm not training much now a days as I'm busy with some projects, but I'm always happy to grab lunch if you're around. Best of luck buddy and let me know how it goes. -Johnny

What would you have told him?  What would you do in his situation? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Warm Regards,


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  1. You have more patience than me, Johnny. Personally, I think people should make their own minds up and not look to others for advice on matters that really come down to how they want to live their lives. If you want to move to Thailand, move to Thailand. It all boils down to the simple question that only you can answer: what do you want out of life?

  2. Hey Johnny,
    This is Jon, the other Asian American here in Thailand. Perfect advise you gave him. I came here to live here (5 years ago) because my wife was and is a teacher here and my daughter was just born. But if I was single and training either Jiu JItsu, Muay Thai or MMA, and someone gave me the same suggestion you gave to that guy, I would definitly go for your suggestion.

  3. Hey Johnny. I could count myself to be in that category too. Although I don't have passive income, I have worked at a 9-5 job for almost 20 years and have saved up about 600k USD. I'm turning 46 next year and was thinking of working another few years but... What do you think? Should I "leap"?

    1. Doing the math you could live in a place like Chiang Mai comfortably for 600 months! I would absolutely take the leap. I promise you'll figure something out way before that money runs out.


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