What's in the Entrepreneur's Bag - Packing for 1 Year in Thailand / Europe

I really loved watching Tim Ferris's packing video five years ago when I first started traveling and ever since then have made my own.  It's a great way to see what is actually needed, and get recommendations on what to bring and what to leave behind.

Here is my digital nomad lifestyle backpack, filled with everything I'll need as a location independent entrepreneur in Chiang Mai Thailand as well as Europe this summer.

There's a new Uniqlo here in Chiang Mai which now allows me to buy quality clothes that actually fits my American frame.  Bringing enough shorts and clothes for a year is no longer required.  The only thing I would recommend to bring clothing wise is underwear and socks.

Bring your own shoes, especially if you have double wide feet like mine.  For sandals I highly recommend Luna Mono sandals.

Bring your laptop.  Get yourself either a Chromebook or a Macbook air.  If you do a lot of reading, get a kindle.  If you're going to do recording, bring a USB mic or two as a backup.

Watch the video for more tips and tricks on what I brought with me during this 1 year trip back to Thailand.  I'll be doing a bit of traveling as well through Europe this summer, but for now, Chiang Mai will be my home base.

4 Years ago:
For those who are curious how much my life has changed, I made this packing video in October 2010 during one of my first long trips out to Thailand.  I was really into scuba diving and muay thai back then which I wrote about in my first book 12 Weeks in Thailand

Keep in touch and follow the journey.

Warm Regards,


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  1. Thanks for your video, I'll watch this again before going to Chiang Mai for DSL Retreat, my first trip abroad, lol.

    1. Hey Hieu, awesome buddy. Looking forward to meeting you at the AntonMethod DSL retreat in October!

    2. Yes, Johnny! See you soon!

  2. Hi Johnny,
    Do you think you could still run an online retail store with just an iPad Air + wireless keyboard?
    I'm thinking about investing in one.

    I plan to sign-up and start my own online store come Sept. via your methods, with the eventual end goal of leaving the Canadian military...Let that be known!

    1. Hi Mitchell, I wouldn't do it. You can maintain your store with no worries as the keyboard will make it fine for emails. However, for $500 + the keyboard, I would personally use that money to either buy a Chromebook or ideally spend a little bit more and get a 2013/2014 Macbook air.

      You can technically build and run a store using anything, but I am literally 10x more productive on my Macbook air than I was on my tablet or windows laptop.

    2. By the way congrats on setting the goal to leave the military and run your own store!

    3. Thank you for the quick, kind and generous answer. I look forward to working with you once I return from army training. Loved the blog post above about gear!
      I heard there was martial law declared in Thailand, are you allright?

    4. Hey Mitchell, no worries buddy. I'll write up a blog post about the martial law =) It's unnoticable in Chiang Mai. Glad you enjoyed the packing video.

  3. Hey Johnny, where in Europe are you visiting this summer? Any plans to visit the UK?

    1. Hey Kev, no plans to visit the UK this trip. Maybe just Berlin and Budapest. =)


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