Finding the Best Gym in Chiang Mai

I've been shopping around for the best gym in Chiang Mai and finally signed up for my new go to. Thailand is a funny place when it comes to gyms, but luckily we have options.  The toughest workout in Chiang Mai is either Muay Thai or CrossFit, but now a days, neither is my priority, I just want a gym gym.

What the heck is a gym gym?

Just somewhere that's clean, has good equipment and allows me to escape for an hour a day.  I'm still on my quest for a six pack, and even though I know I can get it faster doing CrossFit, my priorities now are more about feeling good, not being injured or overtraining and being able to walk to the gym from my apartment and office (PunSpace) which are both in the Nimmanhemin area of Chiang Mai.

I've signed up for a 10 class pass for CrossFit and still go to Team Quest for Muay Thai and MMA once in a blue moon, but here is my quest for a daily gym just to go clear my head.
"With the exception of one or two days a year, I work out every single day. Fitting a workout into the work day reduces stress, keeps you healthy, and is great for getting alone time to work out business and personal problems." Mike Cassidy, CEO of Ruba

Here are the gyms I checked out:

Power House Gym: Near Nimmanhemin.
  • 400 baht for a single day workout. ($13US)
  • 2,500 baht for a month's membership. ($84US)
  • Walking distance from PunSpace/Apartment.
  • No pool
  • A bit too "look at me" 
Kantary Hills Hotel Gym:  On Nimmanhaemin.
  • 5,000 baht for a 3 month contract. (1,667 baht/$55US per month)
  • Great pool 
  • Sauna/Steamroom
  • Tiny Gym
  • Not good for actually working out.

Go Gym Chiang Mai: Near Chang Puak/ CrossFit
  • Cheap!  60 baht per day
  • Brand new facility
  • Kettlebells
  • Crowded and Tiny
  • Just expanded and doubled their size
  • On the super highway
Kawee Powerzone Fitness: Inside the Kad Suan Kaew Mall
  • Super Cheap 50 baht per day/800 baht per month
  • Good location
  • Old and Dirty
  • Lots of broken equipment
  • No selfies taken

Lotus Hotel : next to Kad Suan Kaew Mall
  • 1,250 baht a month
  • Good equipment, free weights
  • Yoga room for stretching and other workouts
  • A bit too cold with the A/C
Free weight section at Harris

At 1,250 baht a month ($41US) it's a mid priced gym.  It's not cheap but it's affordable, and unlike gyms in the U.S. you don't have to sign a contract or get hassled by the sales reps.  I'd much rather pay $41 a month with no hassles than $29.99 at LA Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness and have to do a gym tour.

Hill Side 4: 

A lot of my friends who live near Nimmanheim go to the Hillside 4 condo gym and love it there.  But when it comes down to it, go to the closest gym to your apt.

Yoga/Group Classes Room at Lotus

I might check out Yoga once in a while, but other than that I don't believe in group classes and slow cardio.  But it's great to have the room there to use for other things, it's always empty and quiet.

Boxing Bag:

I love having a heavy bag at the gym especially because they provide mitts, gloves and a nice space for it.  I had a fun time training Larissa on how to hit the bag and pads.

Pool upstairs of Lotus Hotel
Swimming Pool:

It's a decently nice pool on top of the hotel, and it's awesome that we can walk there.  The day pass is only 100 baht which includes a towel, but for members of the gym it's half price.  50 baht ($1.66) is basically the towel rental and is easier than having to launder our own.  

Best Gym in Chiang Mai?

It turns out there are a TON of gyms in Chiang Mai.    The best gym is always the one you actually go to.  So check out a few and pick the one closest to you.

Don't be that guy or gal.
Keep up the lifestyle!

Warm Regards,


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  1. Damn that's a good find! I had no idea there were so many options in Chiang Mai.

  2. How far is it from the Nimmanhemin area to Crossfit Chiang Mai? I've looked on google maps but that doesn't really give a sense of it's feasible to walk it...thanks!

    1. Hey Kev, it's technically only a 15 minute walk or less but it's not a nice walk as you have to walk along a highway. it's doable but it's not shaded and isn't very nice.

    2. Ahh thanks for the info :)

  3. Evernoted! Thanks for the run down, Johnny. I'll be looking for a similar gym when I make it to Chiang Mai.

  4. Do fighters ever train weights? Is it a good idea to get a gym membership on top of training? Do gyms in chiang mai have weights at them as well?

    1. Hey CM, most fighters do some type of strength and conditioning program, but a lot of MMA gyms have at least some weights you can use so there's no need for a separate membership. Where were you planning on training?

  5. Any thoughts on Fitness Thailand? Been to that one Johnny?

    1. Hey Morgan,

      I've checked out Fitness Thailand before and it's okay if you can get the student discount. However, for me, Hariss is closer, cheaper and has the pool. Location is key, depends on where you live.

    2. Johnny, I'm visiting CM in June and I am looking to stay at Opium Serviced Hotel. I see that it's walking distance to Go GYM CM. However, the directions mention that I need to walk across the Super Highway. Is there a short cut? I also saw that you stayed at this hotel, which gym did you go to? Thanks!!

    3. The good news about the Go Gym is that it's on the same side of the superhighway as the Opium so you don't have to walk across it (which would be pretty much impossible)

      I went to the CrossFit gym which is actually just a few buildings away from GoGym on the same side of the road and it was definitely walkable.

  6. Hey Johnny, you mentioned that some MT centres have a decent weight lifting section. Could you give the names of any of these?

    Love the site

    Thanks a lot

    Tony G

    1. Hey Tony, I don't know of any in Chiang Mai currently that have good weights as Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai has shut down. Most of them have a few weights but not enough for a normal workout routine.

  7. How about the one on top of the hotel on Loi Kroh Road? Is that still open?

    1. I'm sure it is but I haven't been there myself.

  8. Hey Johnny, thanks for the straight up reviews of the gyms in CM, I've been reading on some forums that Kawee has been changed to Strong Gym, do you know if they've upgraded their machines and space a bit too or is it still old and broken? Also do you have any advice on finding a PT there/gyms which have PTs or are PT friendly (i.e. don't charge shitloads to bring one)

    1. Hey Kaylie, I went recently after their "remodel" and it looks like it was more of a facelift as the equipment is still the same, they just threw out a few of the really broken ones and moved the rest around. Overall it's cheap, "okay" and in a good location, but GoGym is much better.

  9. Hey Jonny, thanks a lot for such a helpful review! So which gym have you chosen for yourself at the end?
    Same as you I am just looking for gym gym, clean place with free weights and preferably some kind of power rack so I can do my compund exercises.
    Would you happen to know if they have somwhere in CM pull up bars etc in a park or so for calisthenics/street workout?
    Thank you!

    1. Go gym has a full street calesthenics section. Its the best gym I've ever gone to. $2/day, multiple power racks, parallel bars, rings etc.

    2. My favorite gym in Chiang Mai is GoGym as James mentioned or the CrossFit gym if you're doing classes. Their power rack at GoGym kind of sucks but is useable. The pullup bar area is super cool though. The gym is just a bit out of the way.

  10. Please add our fitness club to your list. Our gym is called Miss Fitness Health Club. We are for women only and have 2 clean, friendly and well-equipped locations : Tapae Gate (right next to the Muay Thai stadium) and in Nong Hoi area (few minutes south of Holiday Inn and Riverside condo)opposite the Nong Hoi market. We have lots of exercise classes and new equipment. Call us 086 923 9903!


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